‘ I know you want me to agree with you; yeah yeah yeah , it’s all fucked up, we should all go live in a fucking log cabin…but…I don’t think you’re quitting, because of these things you say…I think you say these things… because you’re quitting. ‘
Detective Mills- Se7en

Well now that some help has actually deigned to appear, and thank Christ for that, anyway, I can’t help wondering:

is this fiasco simply gross incompetence, inevitable delay in an operation of this scale, deliberate neglect, or outright failure of nerve? Does it matter at this point? I don’t know. I tend to think it’s a combination of them all.

It’s hard to imagine the ruling criminal class having the moral fortitude to face up to a shitstorm of biblical proportions, which explains the endless dithering and posturing. I tend to agree as well with this, insofar as you don’t launch a humanitarian relief operation of such scope piecemeal. It’d be an even bigger trainwreck if you did. But does that explain why armed guards turn people away who are prepared to walk out of the mouth of hell under their own steam?

I suspect there is great fear that a random mass exodus of shell shocked refugees into the surrounding area can only result in greater chaos and social distintegration. Even by the numbers like in Houston, it already appears to be causing tensions. These people have just had one of those colonel kurtz experiences, and discovered the heart of darkness. I mean, Anderson Cooper is ranting about fucking rats eating human corpses in the street, man. That shit doesn’t just wipe away when the trucks pull up.

It’s easier in situations like this when you can turn on an external threat, like in 9/11, but in this case you’ve got significant tearing within and throughout the social fabric. The self serving lies and idealistic fantasies of american life aren’t really cutting it right now.

I assume you all know what it means to cut a firebreak, yes? That’s what today felt like. Everyone’s giving some ground to let some of that scent of bloody chaos dissipate a bit. Dubya obliquely admits he may have erred, the media appear to be growing a spine again, help appears to be in full effect. And a nice symbolic gesture to quell pump shock before things get really out of hand. Too bad that when you look at some of these sources of spare oil for the poor suffering american car driver, that they don’t really hold up. Our PM paul martin can promise as much oil as he wants, but it’s not his to promise, actually.

And seriously dude, are you telling me that a week ago when we were sitting at 71$ oil that canada was the secret swing producer? Somebody has been sniffing glue. Only inbred gas station attendants from oklahoma buy this bunk. But it appears the market is willing to play along. The alternative is financial armageddon, so you can see why.

Just like everyone is prepared to let Dubyas increasingly empty platitudes slide for one more day, and we’re willing to step back from the abyss for one more day, and it doesn’t matter one bit, because we all know there’s more and more and more where that came from. The world was in bad shape before this happened and it isn’t getting better. So we cut from rampaging gangs of insane crackheads, weeping police officers and bodies rotting on sidewalks smeared with piss and shit to human interest stories about lost puppies, truckloads of bottled water, and reunions with family. It rings a bit hollow though don’t it? Sad to say. But we need it, even if it’s pleasant fiction.

Because I’m sure it’s crossed your mind at least once, like it has mine pretty much every day for over a year now: sooner or later that’s gonna be me, and when it comes right down to it, if I rely on the system to save me, I am going to DIE.

Because there’s a big difference between cannot be trusted to behave ethically and cannot be relied upon to do the simplest act of human decency to save lives. And these folks have fallen squarely into the second category.

It’s pretty clear that none of the ruling elites can trusted to look out for even the most basic and vital facts of social safety, any more than I can trust the local Hell’s Angels to get my back in a streetfight. It’s plain as day when you think about it.

I’m about at the end of my rope with the disaffected liberal dissenter routine. All of that implies that I actually recognize these people as having some sort of obligation or responsibility to any citizen of this planet. They don’t see themselves that way, and it’s long past time we stopped seeing them that way too. They’re dangerous, corrupt and incompetent. Their mandate is to serve themselves and do as little as they can get away with. Calling George a president is disservice to anyone who ever actually tried to serve the people.

Are we still going to be tripping over ourselves when these scum are lodged in a bunker directing the national guard to round up the poor and minorities for cheap agricultural labor? When everyone in your city has the same shell shocked expression as the folks staggering out of New Orleans?

Enough is enough. This shit is not funny anymore. If it ever was, which is debatable. I for one am not planning to go down with this ship.

These bastards have torn the social contract to ribbons. Time to write a new one.

I mean, I know we’ve gone a long ways towards driving out everything noble and honorable in our culture. I know we’ve slid so far from any kind of sane compass that we take the stink of corruption for granted. But I didn’t come here to carve an eloquent fucking headstone for truth, justice and human dignity. I didn’t come here to lie down while these ignorant caricatures seal our collective fate. I didn’t sweat and struggle every single day of my life to let them carry the day. And I’m not going to happily march back to the stone age because no one has the imagination or the heart to turn this thing around.

The world is a fine place, and worth fighting for…
I agree with the second part.


8 thoughts on “Stepping Up the Timetable

  1. Zac: totally right about not relying upon the system for survival. Ultimately, we’re responsible for ourselves.

    As to “rounding up refugees for cheap agricultural labor”, maybe they will, after the greater collapse. But when they do, everyone and their kid sister will know that whatever we called the USA yesterday ain’t what’s rounding them up today. I doubt that the greater mass of the military will support such an action unless it’s dressed up just right… and if the curtain ever blows back, even for a minute, such a strained enclave of terrified bureaucrats won’t last long when the very soldiers they thought would protect them turn the tables.

    I’ll tell you what will be the New Glue when our piecemeal nation falls apart: consistently high-standard moral leadership. It’s about putting your money where your mouth is, and saying what you mean. When it comes down to shotguns and shovels, you’d best put on your work boots and prepare to get grungy. And if you’re one of those who’s got a grip and has resources when everyone around them’s screwed, you’d best have a plan to make the best of it for everyone, and parlay your sense of control into a position of firm, quiet leadership, or there will be mutiny. People are nothing if not predictable.

    This country, in its greatest times of crisis, will not have time for the bullshit that passes as business as usual. The reality priests will have their pedestal snatched out from under them precisely when what they’re saying on TV quite obviously doesn’t match the reality outside the living room window. Without their pedestal, without “legitimacy”, without stability and an army of REAL people to protect them, high-level bureaucrats and apparatchiks are merely sour sacks of lard and stale wind, terrified of being screwed in turn by a rampaging mob of people that their families have traditionally screwed for hundreds of years.

    My fear: our Elite have been screwing EVERYONE for years, and brainwashing the people into thinking that working professionals like doctors are “rich”, providing the truly rich a buffer to hide behind. We’re deluded into associating race with class, and because almost all of the richest people are white, poor people think that all white people are rich. The danger is that you might wake up one day on the wrong side of a battle line, lumped there by the ignorance of others, whatever your enlightened state.

    In real war, often, you don’t get to choose your allies. Your enemies choose them for you. The challenge of holistic conflict resolution is to get people to recognize that the battle line itself is an illusion, and that there’s only one side. But to get there, you first must establish communications between distrustful parties.

    “Oh give me a kiss to build a dream on, and my imagination will thrive upon that kiss…” – Louis Armstrong, “A Kiss to Build a Dream On”

    PS: Sorry for the length of this rant. Change-it-Up: we’re working on it, but the Constitution says that you’ve gotta be 35.

  2. Check my blog for advice about the end of the world, from John Titor

    If you haven’t heard of John Titor, it’s an interesting story. No claims to it’s veracity, but hey, his advice seems good to me.

    Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

  3. I don’t think anyone’s being paranoid Scott. And everybody knows about John Titor. Titor is a novelty, an interesting and calming inlet into the transcendent nature of our future. Bit the myth of Titor is less important than what the meme propagation of ideas like Titor portend. It’s happened time immemorial.

    Titor represents the wholesale giving up of most all of us Westerners. The great game of directing an ever growing worm from running into its own contorted body is over. There’s more worm than there is room. Or perhaps more pitfalls and enemies than the ever lengthening worm can avoid as the game speeds up.

    But no one ever said we have to play by those rules. We reject this interface! There is much more here than a game.

  4. Oh, I also wasn’t insinuating that you were accusing anyone of paranoia either Scott. Sorry I didn’t make that clearer. I was simply latched onto the paranoia tip and decided to take it a step further.

    The Titor thing, BTW, has always transfixed me.

  5. Sounds like many of you do not have a personal relationship with your personal savior Jesus yet. Let me share a story with you about I came to truly believe.

    Three years ago 100 members of my church were on a bus travelling to a remote bible camp up in the Blue Ridge mountains. Unbeknownst to the passengers at the time, the driver was an alcoholic who couldn’t stop drinking. He was continously sipping Jack Daniels from a coffee mug that day as he drove the faithful to their destination.

    To make a long story short, he got so drunk that he lost control of the bus on a hairpin turn sending it hurtling off a cliff. The bus dropped 1500 feet before killing everyone except for one young survivor.

    It was when we heard the terrible news of the accident and the lone survivor, that I finally knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God and Jesus are real and have infinite mercy and love for us all.

    The lone survivor was only 10 at the time and will never walk again. He now has to wear a football helmet at all times and use a drool cup. But praise Jesus, he’s alive!

    Everytime I see him now, it just confirms my appreciation of the love our Dear Lord hath for us. That boy is a walking testament to God’s infinite mercy for mankind.

    After hearing this story how can you not believe in a merciful and loving God?

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