“To survive, the spectacle must have social control. It can recuperate a potentially threatening situation by shifting ground, creating dazzling alternatives- or by embracing the threat, making it safe and then selling it back to us”- Larry Law, from The Spectacle– The Skeleton Keys

I’m going to put on my cartoon prophet hat, and say in regards to my own question: yeah, this is it. This is the world tipping upside down. The shot below the waterline. After this, nothing is the same. Nothing will ever be normal again.

I case you’re not in loop: thousands dead, cities wiped off the map, other cities turning inexorably into lakes, refugees rammed into a hellish stadium that could turn into a coffin at any time. Surrounding energy infrastructure smashed, roads smashed, no power, no water, no food, millions displaced, chemical spills, beached tankers, jammed supply lines, overtaxed emergency relief systems. ‘Looters’ being shot for stealing supplies to survive or useless trinkets that are going to be destroyed by water anyway. War, Famine, Pestilence and Death. Those motherfuckers are riding, dawg, so you better get with the program, cause they’ve coming to your neighborhood next.

You can tell from the blasted dumbfounded news media that they have no idea how to respond to the real situation, so they spent all day concentrating on helicopters salvaging people off their own roofs. I watched one idiot ( Anderson Cooper ) comment on a ‘stunned’ bird, a pelican or heron who clearly couldn’t give two shits about a bunch of dead humans. You’re the one who’s stunned, dumbass.

If you’re wondering when the media is gonna start hyping the real devastation and horrific repercussions of this thing, the answer is simple: as soon as they can come up with an official story that incorporates the end of life as we know it, and still lets the powers that be come away looking good. If it sounds like a contradiction, that’s because it is. That sound you hear is the back of the mainstream media breaking. That’s just the start.

I feel sorry for these wingnuts who are so eager to attribute the reality priesthood with credit for this that they’ll trot out scalar waves, HAARP, and space based particle weapons to explain how the NSA had a hand in this. The pentagon had no fucking hand in this, assholes. That’s the point. If they did, they’d be eager to come in and comment on how they now have the situation under control, and there’s help on the way and everything is going back to normal.

One thing you must remember about the reality priesthood and the terrorscape they create is this: they only play up threats they can control. They must be able to turn the dial up or down, call them up on demand or make them disappear altogether. That’s why invented wars on invented enemies work so well. Natural catastrophies don’t cut it, unless they happen to little brown people that the rich over here could care less about and the poor never see unless the rich want them to. Do you see the difference now?

There is no official story, only damage control for the spectacle. Does anyone give a flying fuck about ‘the war on terror’ or democracy building in iraq right now? The whole retarded narrative we’ve had showed down our throats for years now is going down in flames for no other reason than simple scale and immediacy.

It’s all about the maintenance of illusions. We’re ‘free’ we’re ‘safe’ we’re going to ‘survive’. We will be protected by these thieves and rapists who stripped New Orleans of any protection it might have had to spend more money and lives lining their pockets somewhere else.

Like fuck we will.

Like fuck George and his self important bullshit is going to protect me or anyone I love from the wrath of nature spun out of control by centuries of heedless tampering.

If you have any questions about whether or not this system is going to protect you, just take a good look. It can’t, and and the moment you start looking after yourself , you’re going to be shot in the street and left to float downstream in a river of sewage and fire ants.

The physical damage is no worse than the Indonesian tsunami, obviously, but the physical damage echoes into image damage, and image damage equals social damage, and both equal money damage. That’s the big difference.

You are about to see, in no particular order:

Catastrophic numbers of bodies discovered drowned in their own homes, or simply washed out to sea.

American cities reduced to unlivable war zones full of desperate people who can’t get out.

Gasoline and home heating prices skyrocket immediately and for a long time after, perhaps permanently.

The neocons will lose any credibility they had left, as they continue to try and sell an unpopular war in the aftermath of the worst systemic disaster in American history. When the national guard can’t match up with the scale of this thing, it’ll become clear the homefront is being sold out to carry on foreign policy that does not serve any of the citizenry.

You’re going to see terrible starvation, disease, mass exodus of refugees, and the slow creep of martial law out from the disaster zone as ‘relocation ‘ marches slowly across America. This’ll be helped along by the as-of-now financial trainwreck and energy shortages that will unravel buisiness as usual pretty much everywhere.

And if think the Chinese, Russians, and Europeans don’t smell blood, you’re kidding yourself. The usual noises of sympathy and support will be followed by the boots they’ve been waiting to put into the United States for quite awhile.

Oh yeah: and anyone who tries to refute global warming will soon look like the stupidest asshole in a stupid asshole contest.

All of this will of course not reach your consciouness for as long as can possibly be helped. So I suggest you get yourself in the loop and make your plans. The ship is sinking friends. Our civilization just hit the iceberg.


Bourbon blues on the street, loose and complete
Under skies all smoky blue green
I can’t forsake a dixie dead shake
So we danced the sidewalk clean
My memory is muddy
What’s this river that I’m in?
New Orleans is sinking man
And I don’t wanna swim

5 thoughts on “…And I don’t wanna swim.

  1. Well somebody’s a pessimist.

    Oh and, I agree. All very well said Zac. Fuckin’ hell. I’ve been trying to get my mind around this the last few days. Here’s the thing I can’t understand for the life of me: why the fuck does the beginning of the end feel like next to nothing?

    I half expect any day now for the fundies to lose heart and ask God for a little more time. For this is what happens when you follow the false prophets of empire — you and yours get sold out. I can’t believe how much we’ve pissed away.

  2. Zac: we’re in total agreement about the media dynamics of manufactured disasters. They wouldn’t have done it unless they were certain they could control it… or perhaps if they were trying to cut their losses ahead of time, which doesn’t make sense. Besides, they could have blown the levees with high explosives and blamed it on terrorists for the same (or better) media effect. I hope you’re wrong about blanket martial law. What do you think this does to the timing of the Armageddon Clock?

    “Not the end, never the end… never too late to turn things around” – WRONG! That heroic garbage only works in movies: in real life, it’ll get you killed. There is something called the “tipping point” that affects any system you care to name: when things get past a certain point, they take up a momentum of their own. Ever seen an avalanche stopped by something as piddly as a car… or a stop sign? There may never be an “End”, as in, a point when time stops and the Demiurge-“God” steps down off a cloud to judge your ass. But there are certainly catastrophic transition points where the end of your particular lifestyle is mandated by necessity. Listen to your gut instinct when the shit hits the fan: your unconscious intuition is better at putting together the big picture than your conscious mind is.

    It’s never too late to pick yourself up and start rebuilding from what’s left (it can, however, be too early, if things haven’t settled yet). Don’t give up. But don’t die trying to preserve the unpreservable in some futile gesture of theatrical optimism. Know when to hold ’em… know when to fold ’em! Know when to walk away… know when to run!

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