In reply to a reporter’s question “What do you think of Western Civilization?”
“I think it would be a good idea!”
-Mahatma Gandhi

This’ll probably be kind of rambling and disjointed but it all comes together under a discussion of race, I suppose…

The other night I had a chance to see Darwin’s Nightmare, which I recommend highly if you don’t mind wanting to spew from the bottom of your gut at the corruption of the globalist system. I cannot help but be amazed by how seamless the racist imperialism has been integrated into our global economy, to the point where it’s practically invisible. It’s a little hard to countenance that we all play a hand in supporting a system just as evil and corrupt as any racist regime that’s ever existed. But how can we denounce ourselves right? If you start down that road you’ll never stop. And of course that’s the idea. It’s the rug again. You’re made complicit without knowing it, so dependent on the system, to the point that you become morally obligated to go homeless, starve, or go to jail. Is it suprising that most professed anti-racist people balk at that responsibility and instead engage in breathless attacks on safely distant historical figures, or trite fringe lunatics?

I mean, if this system operated in countries full of white people the same way it does in Africa, to the point where we were goaded into endless war and genocide against each other wouldn’t we drop everything in shock and horror? Wouldn’t we demand a stop to it? Of course we would. Take Kosovo for instance. But Rwanda, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Angola?

cough…cough… Well things are bit different in Africa you know.. They have a much different history… cough…cough…

Dr Dennis Leary says SHUT THE FUCK UP

If smashed economies and gun running don’t do it for you, lets take my recent favorite reality priest, Joseph Kony.

I mean seriously. If some white guy was running around kidnapping 12 year old kids in north america or europe, forcing them at gunpoint to rape murder and kill people, to in turn kidnap and brainwash more kids to perpetuate the whole crazy guerilla war, which has no real objectives, besides this fucking lunatic’s lamebrained interpretation of the bible, FOR OVER A DECADE, WOULD WE OR WOULD WE NOT GIVE IT A LITTLE MORE CONSIDERATION THAN WE DO WHEN IT’S IN AFRICA? And before you strain yourself too hard thinking about it…It’s already happened. We know the answer to that one.

Let’s be honest. If that shit were happening where white people lived we’d be kicking down the doors of government in about a week. But as a society we tolerate it in other places, because it helps perpetuate this myth of the ‘black incapacity for self-governance’ which helps us to justify this mechanism we benefit from.

Rather than face the truth, that the Reality Priesthood knows damn well when and where and with whom deviation from the consensus will be tolerated, that it’s allowed precisely when and where and with whom it will best perpetuate the myth necessary to the continued existence of our global death machine, we instead throw up our hands and pretend that this sort of thing only goes on interminably ‘outside’ our ‘civilization’ amongst the ‘savages’. You may not think it to yourself too loudly, but that’s pretty much it, isn’t it? It’s all around you, and it’s like water unto a fish.

But if that too challenging you can always savour the irony…I’ll be selling “part of problem” t- shirts outside for $9.95 plus tax… made in indonesia!


2 thoughts on “Like Water Unto Fish

  1. You raise an interesting question – why do we fight one kind of theocratic terrorist and not another? Well, one might argue that our resources are tied up dealing with those who have actively attacked us, to which I would reply that yes, that should take priority, but the type of resources that can actually win such a fight are not military in nature, and are sufficiently plentiful to address hate- and desperation-driven ideologies wherever they may arise.

  2. ive heard that besides his saxaphone playing, one of the main reasons that Bill Clinton was somwhat embraced by the Black community, was because he was the first & only President since WWII to drop bombs on white people!!!!

    kinda gave him this equal opportunity murderer vibe…


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