I’m not even gonna try to fully summarize what been going down on Tim’s site, cause I’d go crazy and swallow my own tongue trying to explain it.

My own take is this: I think after quite a long time, a significant segment of the ‘counter-culture’ community has pushed through to point where we can start to formulate meaningful questions about what all this shit does on an existential level, and how to reapply those lessons to our ongoing experience.

What? Yeah it’s a mouthful, but I felt like this was coming for some time, which is part of the reason I decided to dip my oar into the blog ocean at this point in my life. It felt like things were getting to the point where I could have meaningful conversations that pulled it all together in a way that made sense to me, rather than debate minutae endlessly which interests me not at all.

Tim has said I spend a bit too much time on lead in… Oh well. In any event I think the topics that have come into focus are these:

Whose story is this? are we doomed to constantly decode the actions of powerfull unaccountable people who have taken the role of history’s actors and left us all to clean up, as some neocon wit recently stated? Or will we take the initiative to decide upon and move ahead with our own agendas and goals?

Paranoia vs Pronoia? it’s an article of faith amongst most of us that we operate from a more attuned sense of awareness to the world and it’s happenings than the guy who sits there numbing himself with reality TV and junk food. Which is fine but it raises the question of what you’re doing with all that extra awareness? Are you using it to find reasons to be scared, anxious, angry, oppressed and hopeless? Or are you using it to find reasons to be open, hopeful, ecstatic, loving and inspired? Is the world a good place at every turn, or a threatening and evil place?

Controlling your ‘reality’. growing out of the first two, we can start to examine our occasionally naive conceptions of ‘real’ and ‘fact’. All researchers are trying to get to the root of what they feel is reality. Usually at some point they simply decide what reality is, and make what they’re seeing conform to the ontological assumptions they’ve adopted. Anything that doesn’t fit is paranoia, disinformation or whatever… In any case, this process hides the action where you made the decision. And all the relentless poring over details and content hides the fact that you’re reducing things to a level you’re comfortable with. Even if ‘comfortable’ is a state of raging psychotic paranoia. If you’re looking to reassert some notion of reality, then you’ve already decided what reality is supposed to be in the first place.

But check your head, bizzatch, cause there aint no ‘reality’ out there. At least not insofar as you’re concerned. It’s all you. Human beings receive something on the order of several trillion bits of information every second. You know how many of those we use consciously? Like sixteen, or so. There’s a ways to go before you’re gonna be dealing with any ‘reality’ up in here. Life sucks. Get a helmet.

So if I may summarize:

Setting and controlling your own intent vs letting others set and control your intent for you.

Setting and controlling your interpretations, vs letting others set and control your interpretations for you.

Setting and controlling your underlying assumptions consciously, vs slipping into a set of underlying assumptions which may or may not be yours, and may or not be conscious at all.

and the thing to remember is this: when I say that others take on these functions for you, they don’t really do that. They convince you to abdicate these functions to some other apparatus. Be it the media, religion, or simply a generalized victim script that renders you neutered and powerless against all that bad shit you can’t help seeing everywhere.

No one needs to take you out of the game if they can convince you to take yourself out first.

Now someone like RAW would suggest you take a stance of divine ignorance and just sort of play with the whole bizzarre unknowingness of it all, which is fine, but I suspect most of us would like to take a more proactive apporoach to life than that, especially given the mounting crises that appear to be on the horizon.

So what, then?

Don’t ask me. Haven’t you been paying attention?

7 thoughts on “Amplified Reality for Dummies

  1. you’ve got a great way of boiling things down to their essentials that i find extremely helpful.

    i think whats happening is that all the stuff all of us are doing is on a collision course. the big areas of overlap that i see between your stuff and my stuff especially is intent.

    youve been writing about magic/k a lot, which is all about intent. and lately i’ve actually started to think about belief in a positive context, as a way to narrow and focus intent as well. its funny cause i dont have an answer to any of this yet either, but i feel like we’re all edging so much closer to it every day. its amazing.

  2. from a magickal perspective the best use of belief is to take on ones that allow you to access possibilities you never did before.

    we all have assumpitions about ourselves and our abilites that are seldom ever questioned. part of learning how to do magick is assuming the belief that it is possible and you can do it.

    i routinely operate from that premise that nothing is impossible, only that some things require skills of much higher order.

  3. After reading the previous post, which temporarily perturbed me..

    “Im thinking we should let them win. Surrender the unreal realities to the bad guys”.

    I was a little more upbeat this morning when I read zacs little observation from the latest post..

    “I suspect most of us would like to take a more proactive apporoach to life than that, especially given the mounting crises that appear to be on the horizon”

    Of course we are in crisis, It would be criminal and absolutely self-effacing if we dissolve ourselves in apathetic indifference. We owe it to our children and their children.

    Hakim beys monolith metaphor in the previous post is more than apt. Although it may seem that sometimes we are individualy and collectively pissing in the wind there are cracks in the monolith. Not only are people like us conscious of these structural problems with what a multitude of people call “reality” or “this world”, but many of us have reached very similar conclusions, albeit from different routes.

    Whether its jung, crowley, leary, raw, einstein, nitzche or any other of a multitude of metaphysicians the crisis can be seen to permeate the very foundations of our thought-making processes. The traditional theological belief tunnels or doctrines just dont do the world justice. It is not a question of the paradigm shifting. The very concept of what a paradigm is being changed, together with the concept (of what a concept is). I kid you not. The limits of language have been reached.

    In my ongoing investigation I have distilled the reagents into 2 distinct groupings, not always mutually exclusive.

    On the one side we have what I generally call “relativity” (pun not included). This suggests to me that everything is relative, including knowledge itself, a kind of self-reflexive playfull interpretation of the world. I am thinking raw, einstein and most of the guys n gals you people name check. You refered to this current as luciferian. We agree on virtually everything except the name. Its a shame that the name “lucifer” has so many misguided connotations attatched to it.

    On the other side, we have what you referred to as the “Ahriman” current. For me this is simply “Scientific Materialism” which would include john dees mathematical vision of the world and the resulting industrial revolution, capitalism, modern day global politics, modern christianity,or any other dogma which masquerades as an absolute.

    I think we can do no more than we are already, spreading information and neuro-linguistic particles into the chaotic ether that is the theatre of reality. We dont need to organize but we do need our own monolith to focus our combined energy.

    saludos de espaa


    “Physicists do not need mysticism, and Mystics do not need Physics, but humanity needs both” Fritjof Capra

  4. This is interesting stuff. The place where I feel a lot of couter-culture mavens fail is that they are defining themselves in reaction to the current culture, thus simply reinforcing it. Trying to combat the global elites is bound to end in failure because in fighting we lose. Fighting is their game, separtion and defining things into good and bad is their ruleset.

    Playing a game usign another’s hand-picked set of rules pretty much dooms us to failure. If we want a different world we must create a new ruleset from scratch. This is not obvious as this stuff goes so deep many of us don’t ralise how many assumptions we have about the way things are. Take the concept of money and interest as one example. As long as we use money the way it is set-up right now we are reinforcing separation.

    There are two opposing forces, the forces of separation and those of unity. Those of us groping toward untiy cannot win by fighting we can only win through total love. This means embracing everythign, even those who wish to create seperation. This means not fighting but creating and building an alternative. The alternative needs to radically rethink a lot of what we assume is the right way of doing things. Yet the seeds have been sown. There are more of us than we think. Those of us with public voices need to work hard to dicover the new patterns and then sow the memes and spread them.

    Alternative currencies, communal living, simpler living, stopping chasing “progress” for its own sake, living in harmony with the planet. These are just some of the elements but these are symptoms the cause is deeper. It is about waking up as human beings or as Gurdjeff puts it “Removeing the malevolent effects of the crytallisation of the organ kundabuffer” – becoming enligtened…

  5. What if I’m afraid not to be angry? I’m afraid that dousing my anger will lead me to some hippie purgetory put together by Steiner’s Lucifer. The words of Cartman — “goddamn hippies!” — rings in my ears as I think of the necessary alternative to a world without suffering.

  6. This is really late and nit picky but since I memorized the quote I figured I should use it somewhere and this is the only appropriate place so far…
    Grant Morrison –
    “We receive 11 million bits of information from the environment every second. Out of that, our conscious mind edits out 10,999,984 bits of information, leaving us with only 16 bits to think about. Chew on that for a while.”

    or something like that (memory failed = 1). At any rate, I think he gets the number from the book “The User Illusion” and I’m not sure how he calculates what exactly a bit is, but I’ll put that up against the trilloins listed in the article.

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