Infectious Derangements-part IV “there are no reasons…”

I was kind of surprised when looking at Ahriman worship, that it explains an awfull lot of what I’ve been talking about from the very beginning. For that reason I’m sort of hesitant to launch into some re-capitulation of all the themes I’ve been into so far, because it would be very easy to trot them out again.

If you’ve read even a little bit about physics, you know that matter is an illusion. What we experience as solid objects are really the force fields of vibrating pockets of probability. There’s nothing there, except empty space.

That’s important to remember when you talk about Ahriman. It’s a lie from the ground on up. It’s a useful lie, at times. It allows us to wrap our heads around what’s going on, gives some boundaries to work with, it’s a necessary foundation for our growth. What’s dangerous about it is when we take a useful delusion, and turn it into the whole picture.

There’s so much to the human being that cannot be reduced to mere matter, to flesh and chemistry or physics. It’s easy to see what some chunk of matter is doing, maybe even the cause of why it does what it does, but can anything out there tell us what it means? Is there anything in the whole material universe that can answer for us why any of this is here?

Materialist science is founded on what Terrence Mckenna called ‘the one free miracle’ . If you allow for the possibility that the whole universe sprang into existence, instantaneously, out of nothing, for no reason at all, we can explain the rest, no miracles required. So at the bottom of the whole enterprise, there a big hole. What Kurt Godel might call ‘incompleteness’.

So how does the Ahrimanic current deal with this? How does it handle the fact that to the slightest bit of critical examination, the slightest whiff of free questioning, it collapses like a house of cards? How does dead matter protect itself from the onslaught of mind and heart?

It does what it has always done. The partisans of Ahriman, above all, are afraid: They have placed their faith in appearances, in the surfaces of things. Matter is mute, so the priests of matter and flesh can attribute any meaning they like, as long as no one can contradict them. Those who kneel down to matter are free to elevate their egos to mastery of the universe.

If they acknowledge god at all, Ahrimanics probably consider themselves to be Deists, inheritors of a creation that god has bequeathed to those with the will to shape and master it. This belief is rather common amongst early freemasonry, and it’s legacy is in the references to a great architect, a great geometer. Isn’t it interesting to find so many connections between ‘Satanist’ activity and freemasons?

Deism is a nice idea, but it implies that if god intended for us to perfect the world, that we ourselves were perfect at it’s beginning. Seems kinda unlikely don’t it? But the idea that we’re perfect rulers of a half finished cosmos is awfully tempting to the Ahrimanic devotee.

Sadly we are not perfect. We are not static beings. We learn, we grow, we move in turn towards that which moves us. And if you’ve already decided that there either is no god, or that he’s left you the keys, and aint comin back, it’s awfully easy to start down that slippery slope don’t you think?

So it’s hardly suprising the lords of matter have some bestial secrets. Particularly if there’s no reason not to be a beast. You could choose to act otherwise, but if you don’t open yourself up to something bigger than your ego, you’re eventually going to end up lying to yourself, which is pretty much what Nietzsche realized, and it’s probably part of why he lost his mind.

So lying to yourself is a dead end, but lying to other people is a sure fire solution to all this chaos going on out there! In fact, the best way to get people to behave is to lie to them about morality! By all means convince them you’re the most moral and upright person who ever walked the earth. They’ll love you for it. And while they’re busy depriving themselves to chase their own tails, it just leaves more goodies for you right? Party time! There’s a big difference between moralism, and morality, after all.

The problem with that is, if you operate fom the premise that you’re free to do as you please, then what about everyone else? How are you to control everyone else, when deep down they’re beasts just like you? Not that you’ll ever admit to being a beast. You’re a egoic demigod, a Lord of Matter Itself. And your ego is never going to survive if you can’t figure out a way to keep this crazy mob of animals in line…

So naturally you turn to machines. They’re clean, precise, orderly, they do what you tell them to do, which helps to support his myth of invinciblility you’re cultivating. Whether it is state mechanisms, corporate and industrial mechanisms, military machines or surveillance systems. A good sturdy fence to keep these dogs away from you. But after awhile there just get to be too many of them! Eating , breeding, taking up space. If you were prepared to admit you’re a beast, you’d realize that these other creatures are threatening your niche. But no, you aren’t about to do that.

At a certain point it became feasible to mechanize people. Industry has put a lot of effort into perfecting the methods to turn workers into a another piece of equipment, and those techniques have advanced to the point where it’s possible to turn a person into a hollowed out shell, full of standardized programming. But to even go that far, you need to look to the third Reich.

It’s possible to speculate on the occult roots of Nazism, and you can spend a lot of time doing that, but why bother? There’s no real need to try and penetrate the ‘occult’ roots of the Third Reich. You scrape the surface and you see the true magick of the Nazis very clearly. The mechanized extermination of millions of human beings is Ahriman worship taken to it’s lowest point. They left a legacy of dehumanisation and violation that’s hard to match. Without them would ritual abuse and trauma based mind control be possible? They set the precedent. People reduced from humans, to animals, to machines, to simple numbers, to be subtracted without hesitation. Transplanting doctors and scientists from there to here is an afterthought, really.

So let’s step back and tie this together: I’ve already talked about how Luciferianism opens the way to easy power, to a mentality that isn’t prone to examine the long term consequences of that power. Is it any wonder Ahrimanics want to control everyone so badly? It’s a splendid dynamic; we relentlessly extend our capabilities, reaching beyond our collective wisdom to terrible effect, making it easier to create the climate of fear which cries out for the controls of the highly moral, squeezing things till the freethinking have to generate the means to break out all over again.

And we’re so busy on one side of this struggle or another, and it almost never occurs to us that maybe we’re being fooled. It may well be for our own good, to bring us forward, to keep us evolving, but until we actually wake to the process, we’re a just a bunch of crazy people.

Infectious Derangements part III: A Holographic Heaven

I speculated a few entries back on what is it that makes humans what they are, on what it might be that separates us so clearly from other creatures on this earth, and from the ecosystem. What is the origin of our headlong rush into the hallucinatory realms of culture we find ourselves in? Someone like
Ran Prieur would be happy to tell you how ‘progress’ is an illusion, and what we call evolution is really a pathology of some sort in human beings. But he is at pains to point out what that special something actually is…

In the old testament it was a serpent, and it’s name was Lucifer.

From time out of mind, this Lucifer impetus has handed us the keys to greater and greater powers, which frequently outstrip our wisdom to use them. We harness the energy to build artificial environments, like cities, which when you think about it, was the earliest form of virtual reality.

And it’s been that way ever since. In Rudolph Steiner’s veiw, all revelatory or visionary experience is rooted in the Lucifer current, even when it serves the purpose of the Christ consciousness, as in the divine transmissions to pretty much every prophet or religious teacher there’s ever been.

The underlying danger, according to Steiner, and for that matter, every teacher of true gnosis, is to become lost in the fireworks, to mistake the power that comes with the truth for the truth itself, to lose yourself in worlds of light and beauty and endless delights. To flee the suffering of the world into angelic fantasy. To do so is to rob yourself of the chance to live among those who suffer, to learn compassion and grow, to experience the touch of god in the mundane. To reject the kingdom of god for an illusory paradise.

If you’re prepared to accept that premise, at least for the sake of argument, it might alarm you to find that this version of Luciferianism has had some serious plans in the offing.

I’ve mentioned The Theosophical Society, and my dim view of the carny show channeled-masters riff of Madame Blavatsky. What I neglected to mention, is that the core figure of her mythology was the bringer of light himself. In fact, the Theosophists published a magazine with the title of Lucifer in the latter part of the 19th century. In it, and elsewhere, Blavatsky laid out the basic floorplan for new world order: immensely powerful psychic ‘masters’ who communicate to their chosen vessels through telepathy, are preparing to bring about a new civilization replacing the suffering and strife and division of our world with a new order of one government, one religion, world peace, and ‘co-operation’. To what end we are meant to be ‘co-operating’ is not always clear with these people. Thankfully, we’re not asked by them to worry about it.

When Blavatski died, she passed the reins to one Annie Besant, whose main contribution seems to be the first attempt by the Luciferians to roll out a prepacked messiah. I mentioned Jiddu Krishnamurti before, but I neglected to mention that according to the Theosophical society, the then-young boy was the reincarnation of Christ. It was this claim that led Rudolph Steiner, along with most of the German section of the society, to hit the road and never look back.

Another one of Theosophy’s early principal students was Alice Bailey, who took the Lucifer motif even farther, forming the Lucifer, later Lucis, Trust, which began as a glorified publishing house but now enjoys a consulting seat at the united nations, and has become connected to pretty much every globalist institution you care to name. The song remains the same, but they’ve implemented charitable and educational projects to prepare the way for the ‘externalised hierarchy’ of spiritual masters who are waiting in the wings, at the same time they work to undermine and eliminate ‘dogmatic’ forms of theology, like Christianity and Islam. Although I suppose I ought to be happy they considered Buddhism malleable enough to rip off wholesale, since from this point on the project takes the name ‘The Age of Maitreya’, although they are never shy about glorifying Lucifer, of course.

With me so far? Cause this is where it gets a bit heavy. If you haven’t seen it already, go here and scroll down to watch a documentary called the Money Masters. In it you’ll get a nice overview of how banking syndicates have spent at least the last couple hundred years working to undermine sovereign states and debt-leverage all the world’s governments into a one world system with mega rich unaccountable heirarchs at the helm. To be fair, these folks, such as the Rockefeller family are especially generous and committed to philanthropy. It seems you can only buy a peaceful and pliable society up to point, before you have to resort to the soft sell. What is one to do? Oh dear!

I can only think of Cornell West, and his injunction to never confuse charity with justice.

What’s this to do with Lucifer? Well, David Rockefeller, architect of the Trilateral Commission, took under his wing a boy named Maurice, who grew up to be the socialist power broker from hell. Maurice eventually went on to be director of the Temple of Understanding whose board includes a whole host influential muckety-mucks who jointly sit on the board of the Trilateral Commission . And in case it weren’t obvious from Maurice’s esoteric credentials, The Temple of Understanding is another front for, that’s right, the Lucis Trust.

The things these people are prepared to talk about and bandy about are really astonishing:

World Goodwill ( another Lucis Front ) ‘Founded in 1932, the organization is recognized by the United Nations today as an NGO. Ever since the dropping of the atomic bomb (which is seen by these kooks as a spiritual manifestation of Luciferian light), Lucis Trust has sought to give the U.N. a monopoly over nuclear weapons with which to impose a “one world federalist empire” upon sovereign nations. ‘

So, we can be reasonably sure the Luciferian Project aint nickel and dime, at least…

And since I want to keep this short, I won’t even go into another apple who hasn’t fallen far from the tree at all.

I cannot help but be stunned almost speechless by how utterly vapid and saccharine these fairy tales are. Even if it were true, which it may be to some limited extent, it nevertheless is perhaps the most bloodless parody of true wisdom teachings I have ever seen. Stand back and have all the world’s problems solved for you! Marvel at our psychic powers and advanced technology! Forget all the hard work and discipline your prophets have taught you for time immemorial, it’s not necessary! Step right this way into the World of Light ™! Peace, order and co-operation on a silver platter, and all you have to do is show up on bended knee, and forget about all that pesky free will and critical thinking, cause humanity is obviously too infantile to handle it anyway.

In a metaphysical sense history begins to remind one of the globalist debt leverage scheme: give away cheap, easy power, that we haven’t got the wisdom to use properly, and when the world is on the verge of bankruptcy from environmental, energy and population problems, the Lucifer Project comes in with the long promised bailout where they just happen to end up owning everything. Meanwhile all the starving benighted masses are only too happy to give away spiritual authenticity and maturity for a permanent childhood in Lucifer’s holographic heaven. Stunted children with all the toys we could ever want forever and ever…

sign me up… not.

And as we will see, compared to the Ahrimanics, these are the good guys.

Infectious Derangements part II :Lucifer and Ahriman: two great tastes that taste great together

In response to Albion’s comment on the merit of ‘ The Power of Nightmares’ I said more or less as follows and because I’m lazy I will re-use it here because it’s as clear a way to kick off as I’m likely to come up with.

What I’m interested in is how neoconservatism, and fundamentalist Islam are both rooted in a perceived ‘failure’ of liberalism, much as national socialism was. And since as liberals we tend to equate liberalism with progress, all three tend to fold into a larger critique of the ‘myth of progress’ which folds into a larger view of the traditional cycle. My feeling is that all these things represent a spiraling failure, not so much of any particular historical dynamic, but of the ongoing attempt to maintain an integrated relationship between human beings and their spiritual wellspring. Each swing represents a cascading over-compensation to one pole or other, which really only highlights how we’ve well and truly lost our sense of where the balance point actually is. That’s the underlying ‘derangement’ which to me underpins the ‘counter-initiation’ and what I’m looking to address

Before we address alla that up there we need to set some terms first. My feeling based on experience and research, is that the fundamental spiritual dilemma is not so much a problem of evil, but of ignorance, of imbalance. The problem is we’ve lost the knowledge of how to balance our being. The counter initiation is based on the idea of imbalance, of crippling our ability to strike the correct balance, driving us to ever more distorted and destructive aberrations.

One man who understood the problem in this light was one Rudolf Steiner, a multifaceted visionary whose influence has been deep and long lasting, even if his profile in the public consciousness is basically nil.

Steiner considered the course of human evolution to be aimed at the realization of the Christ consciousness, which seeks the harmonious manifestation of all aspects of the human being in balance. Steiner’s thought is characterized by his belief in the correct differentiation of forces, as a precursor to a higher integration. His belief was that the Christ consciousness was opposed by a current of consciousness based on destruction, imbalance and conflict, which we may identify with the counter-initiation, and which Steiner referred to as Sorat, the Dragon. Steiner was clear that Sorat was not an antithetical element to the evolution of humanity, but a necessary counter weight, much as the Buddha considers suffering a precondition for enlightenment.

Further, Steiner separated the Sorat-current into two arms, which symbolize two different kinds of consciousness, but both act as temptations away from the gnostic Christ force. Again, both are useful and even necessary to human growth, but allowed to run unchecked these forces are destructive.

These two arms are ( you guessed it ) Lucifer and Ahriman.

In simplest terms these two represent energy and matter respectively. Lucifer is the symbol of energy, dynamic motion, dissolution of boundaries, and in a larger context, light, transcendence, and immateriality, hence an association with spirituality and even morality that can be misleading.

Ahriman is the symbol of matter, crystallization, formation of boundaries and limitations, solidification in all regions. Ahriman is the tendency for the animate to become inanimate, for motion to become stillness. Ahriman is thus identified with unconsciousness, materialism, and stasis. Because matter is ‘mute’ Ahriman can be considered to be the enemy of nonmaterial abstractions like morality and ethics.

Neither one is inherently harmful. Without Lucifer there is no motion, only dead matter, and without Ahriman there is no form, only endlessly fluctuating colliding forces.

From Steiner’s perspective, the Lucifer current is responsible for movement away from Paleolithic hunter gatherers in prehistory, triggering the slow technological advance toward the present day. Initially this was characterized by the growth and abstraction of the mind, and the growth of philosophy and mathematics and it is only with the ascendancy of the Ahrimanic current that ‘progress’ takes on it’s more familiar aspects of mass production, regimentation and materialism.

So what has this to do with our topic? Well, keep in mind that these two forces act as twin temptations, always struggling to pull mankind away from the Gnostic/Christ current into some form of deviant synthesis of Lucifer/Ahriman that excludes the Christ consciousness as much as possible. In this way both fulfill their function as the arms of Sorat, the opponent of true human evolution. In Steiner’s own words each strives for a particular kind of deviant synthesis : Lucifer wishes us to become moral robots, cookie cutter children who await ascent into Lucifer’s world of light and beauty. While Ahriman wishes us to become free but amoral; rudderless ghost people in a dead world. Both overlook the deeper truth: that spirit is nondual, it transcends and incorporates both matter and energy, favoring neither.

I’m cautious about complicating the terminology of our inquiry overmuch, but I find that making the distinction between Lucifer and Ahriman critical for making sense of certain aspects of the Gnostic/parapolitcal scene. Keep in mind I am GROSSLY over simplifying Steiner’s thought, but thankfully he considered symbols as ornaments on the surface a true understanding of deeper realities, so I feel content that our project here is in the correct spirit.

By way of illustration lets apply this to Sayyid Qutb, and his story. Qutb was opposed to what could be considered the counter initiatory spirit of the modern west, and his disdain was mostly for the amoral, materialistic, decadent sensual aspects which can be identified with Ahriman. Again: Free but Amoral. But his solution was a rigid, technologically advanced Muslim theocracy implemented by murder, which is simply an imbalance toward the Luciferic end: Moral Robot. Without a grounding in the Gnostic spirit which comes in Qutb’s case through the prophet Mohammed, he can only react to a excess of Ahriman with an excess of Lucifer, unable to escape the fact that without gnosis there is no real chance of correct balance, and ultimately his critique is folded back into the dominant Ahriman styled power structure of unconsciousness, deep amorality, and decadence, coated with dogma.

So now that we’ve established our terms a little bit, we’ll move on in our next installment to the recent history of the Lucifer current as it concerns us…

Infectious Derangements- part I


To fight the Empire is to be infected by its derangement. This is a paradox: whoever defeats a segment of the Empire becomes the Empire; it proliferates like a virus, imposing its form on its enemies. Thereby it becomes its enemies.

This will probably be the most ambitious series of articles so far for me, tying together as it does a whole wealth of material both new and old to me and to AB
The theme is very much in keeping with the Dick quote above, and hopefully the end result will be illuminating. Along the way we’ll check in with Islamic fundamentalism,and how it relates to the controversial ‘traditionalists’. With Julius Evola, El Duce, Hitler, the real meaning of ‘luciferianism’, Rudolph Steiner, Alien Archons, and my favorite whipping boy, the would be messiah “maitreya”. But since it’s topical, we’ll start with Al Qaeda, and Sayyid Qutb.

if you haven’t had a chance to watch The Power of Nightmares yet, go here since BBC seems to be having some ‘trouble’ with theirs. This’ll give you a nice intro to Qutb, and his reasons for disdaining the modern west.

Qutb is not identified as a ‘traditionalist’ as such by scholars, but it’s clear his motivations were very much in line with his precursors in Europe. In his own way, filtered through his own prejudices, Qutb saw very clearly the crass, materialist, superficial aspects of modern western culture. These days we tend to take this critique of western culture more seriously, so it’s not hard to imagine that Qtub saw the possibility of reality tv, ‘shock and awe’, cultural and moral decay, and spiritual vacuity, that while shocking to the 1950’s, is now our everyday reality. Indeed it is not hard to imagine Qutb saw all the horrors of our archon infested, counter initiate ruled society coming a long way off. We may not agree with his response to it. I know I don’t. But it’s hard to argue with the diagnosis of decay, now that we’ve seen how right he was. Qutb’s conception of Jahiliyya would be familiar to any gnostic. Same false consciousness, different name.

These are all serious questions and we can’t just dismiss the critique of our civilization as the freedom hating rantings of some ‘terrorist’. If we cannot take a critical look at our society, we’re no better than any other dogma cult. We need to ask ourselves if the unfortunate ‘side effects’ of liberal democracy are not really systemic features built in by the same old ruling class who claim we’re all ‘equal’ in the eyes of the law. A ruling class which only differs from the old in that they no longer have any social contract making them responsible for the poor. That, and they’ve managed to generate a more spiritually bereft, and materialistic society than ever before.

So perhaps we can make some allowances for old Qutb wanting to inspire the people to overthrow their unjust rulers. For wanting political authority tied to spiritual authority. Especially since his primary bugaboo was the CIA backed Gamal Abdel Nasser in Egypt.

It seems his time in jail radicalized Qutb’s politics somewhat, and that’s a theme we’ll see again. An intellectual critique colored by the dirty dealings of fascists, spooks and torturers. It’s hardly suprising that being smeared in fat and stuck in a cage with savage dogs would inspire Qutb to violence. It’s an unfortunate flaw in much conservative/traditional thinking that when lacking a compass in perennial wisdom, it often slides easily to reactionary conservatism, or outright fascism. Why that might be, we’ll discuss later.

Shortly before his execution, Qutb was able to inspire Ayman Zawahiri who was to become mentor to none other than Osama bin Laden. By that time, the desire to inspire a political vanguard became the pretext to murder the civilians that were originally supposed to be liberated from ‘false consciousness’.

The rest of the story is old news to the parapolitical crowd by now. Afghanis, CIA, false flag terror, pakistani ISI, manufactured terror events. 911, and now July 7 2005.

So, while it may seem alien to us now, and far removed, when we see Secret organization Group of al-Qaeda in Europe. We’re really seeing a critique of the empire, one of many, infected with that same derangement.

Fallen to Earth

Three o’clock in the morning
It’s quiet and there’s no one around
Just the bang and the clatter
As an angel runs to ground
Just the bang And the clatter
As an angel Hits the ground

Up till now, I’ve spent a lot of time talking about some of the mad, bad, nasty unwholesome shit that the forces of the counter-initiation seem to be foisting on us, but I haven’t really delved into the other side of that equation, namely what’s the deal with this whole ‘initiation’ thing.

Most esoteric, occult or religious practice is founded on the premise that human beings have the capacity to evolve to some sort of more refined state, which is considered to be a union with the godhead, or realization of the nondual or whatever you like.

The point being, the underlying theme is the transformation of the being into another state. We just sort of take this for granted without really asking much about what that might mean in concrete terms. Mostly because very few people ever attain such a thing.

I’ll steer clear of any ideological conception and just explore the idea that there’s a lot of room to improve. I’ve spent pretty much my whole life fascinated by the extraordinary things humans are capable of, be they geniuses, savants, skilled artisans, psychics, magicians, scientists, you name it.

And one thing that really really shocks me is how much human beings can do that we simply don’t. All the way from muscles and bones that could be made to lift thousands of pounds, to minds that can recall every detail of every experience they’ve ever been exposed to. From martial artists who can fight a dozen men blindfolded, to remote viewers who can tell you what your house looks like from the other side of the earth. Every single aspect of the human being, from our bodies, to our senses to our emotions, reasoning, or lifespan can be taken to a range so far beyond the average that it staggers the mind.

This is not conjecture. I have seen this, and if you think about it, I’m sure you have to, to some extent.

Now if we think about this at all we say something like we only use 10% of our brains, or that we’re evolving beings or we have lots of ‘potential’ whatever that means.

We say these things without really considering that nothing else in nature works that way. Nature doesn’t work on the basis of ‘untapped potential’. Nature is to a large extent about adaptation and optimization. survival pressures. Under circumstances like that, creatures that have untapped potentials and don’t use them die. And yet… Here we are. Creatures with abilities that are literally orders of magnitude beyond what we actually use, and we sort of dismiss it as if it were trivial. We don’t die, we sort of limp along in lives that aren’t really all that satisfying by and large, and we have to have prophets and geniuses come along to smack us out of complacency.

What confuses me is: Where did all this stuff come from? I mean, I know there are tons of unresolved questions about how humans got to even be what we are now, but how is it that we have this huge resevoir of untapped ablility? Not only that, but it’s abundantly clear that in the past, people used a lot more of it than they do now. Most of the formative work on yoga, or martial arts or metaphysics and spiritual growth, was done so long ago it borders on prehistory. Not only that but it seems that in the dim past people also lived longer, if the oldest texts are any indication.

The implication seems to be that human beings now are very pale shadows of what they once were. Pretty much every culture talks about this. Human beings are a ‘fallen’ race. And while the way back to the exalted state exists, it is a long, hazardous and difficult road. We are working against millennia of cultural and spiritual decline. It’s hard to deny this. For the most part the highest examples of human development that we know of are products of training and knowledge that seems very far away from us now. The authentic transmission of something essential, not only to our spiritual growth, but to our full expression as physical and mental beings, has suffered greatly. It has faded in such small increments that as a race it has only barely been noticed by us.

We are the stunted, crippled and blinded children of the progenitors who struggled to bring forth that transmission in the first place.

This transmission, or the latin tradios, is the core of what we mean here by initiation, and it is what we shall always struggle to preserve and recover. This is the gift of countless generations that struggled and died to preserve that legacy for us today, in the face of the acts of endless liars, thieves , murderers, and traitors to all souls everywhere.

When you’re admiring the achievements of someone you think you can never match, think about that… THINK about what your ancestors suffered so that we could drag our withered wings behind us and lie down for the likes of the petty thieves and pederasts who rule our world, largely through our default of authority to them.

Say You Love Satan

Lots to look at today, but I’ll settle for another pass at satanic panic, since Jeff Wells snagged a good interview here.

I wouldn’t call this a structured essay cause I’m f-ing tired but there’s a few things that bug me about this. I’ve noticed that very few occultists, or even people versed in authentic occultism take a pass at this stuff, and I can see why.

at first glance what these people seem to be doing appears to have virtually nothing in common with occultism as it’s usually practiced in the hermetic, kabbalisitc, or thelemic tradition. There are really only very passing similarities in terms of symbolism, and what there is sounds kind of contrived.

I’m going to proceed from the notion that there is something actually going on, not only because I think there is, but because there’s more than a little evidence to say that there’s something pretty fucked up happening

the first thing that bugs me is that so much of this stuff seems to come from some kind of common template. There’s no rule written somewhere that occult rituals have to be a certain way. In fact it’s a matter of secrecy to have idiosyncratic elements to your rituals.

so what gives? I don’t really buy that there’s some overarching conspiracy that brackets the earth orchestrating the mass rape and sacrifice of children. What I do buy is that there’s some kind of common belief system or archetype that shapes these practices, and that’s what is global. It’d be too hard to coordinate this in multiple countries and yet the similarity is present pretty much everywhere I’ve read about it. What this tells me is that there is something like a religious undercurrent to this. Why in hell would they do this with such regularity and brazen precision? The timing and regularity of the practice itself must have meaning. It’s not hard to imagine a whole alternate religion in the halls of the upper class the world over. It’s not like hidden religions are any thing new.

The other thing that bothers me is the total lack of subtlety and nuance to this stuff. Compared to the average ritual, this is like getting hit in the head with a sledgehammer. It’s like the average occultist smokes weed and these guys are hitting the crack pipe 24-7. The whole thing smacks of pandering to extremely jaded and unrefined palates. Torture, murder, rough sex, incest, all very heavy taboo shit, designed to give spoiled rich fucks a little jolt. It also tells me that these guys are not aiming for higher realms. This is subhuman animal possession bestial shit. Power, sexual potency, domination, etc etc… Very primitive primal lizard brain shit.

the use of the kids is also characteristic. There’s no mention of adults right? So what gives with the kids? Besides the extra taboo jolt? Well from an energetic standpoint, the damage you do to a small child stays done, and essentially makes them a shell for the rest of their lives, whereas an adult will recover, albeit lessened. You’ve essentially taken one player out of the intitiatory game for life, even if they do recover a rudiment of normal function, they’re not gonna be a spiritual master of anything barring a miracle. You’ve also created a broken person who’s likely to pass the trauma onto the next generation. Which probably explains where all these freaks come from in the first place. god help them all.

I can visualize a secretive cult’s elite culture that enforces control over it’s members by use of blackmail and simple isolation. Once you’re in this stuff you’re never gonna be out of it. Any level of participation essentially strips you of the emotional hardware to have relationships with normal people. If you say anything you’re a pariah and target for life, and nobody believes you anyway.

and what the hell for? Well the usual. Lust, power, intimidation, influence, money, and it’s just barely possible that the person or persons who drew up the template for this stuff knew he was creating a mechanism that would put a millstone around the collective spiritual neck of humanity. An assembly line for hollowed out sex slaves, killers, child kidnappers, drug users and drug dealers, blackmail operators, and intelligence assets, with the odd promising prospect picked out to join the big leagues of counter initiatory perversion and sadism. It’s the ultimate counter culture that creates it’s own members while chewing up the social, moral and spiritual fabric of the human race.

but don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll only run this planet for another century or two, tops….

cancer can only go so far before it kills the host, after all.

Playing for Keeps: Conclusion


“…mankind would have become as the great old ones; free and wild and beyond good and evil, with laws and morals thrown aside and all men shouting and killing and revelling in joy…the liberated old ones would teach them new ways to shout and kill and revel and enjoy themselves, and all the earth would flame with a holocaust of ecstacy and freedom.”
-hp lovecraft

So now that we’ve dealt with the sickeningly plausible, lets go to the other pole and deal with the highly abstract and perhaps even more plausible, if somewhat counter intuitive.

I say perhaps even more plausible because this theory requires no conspiracy, no organized planning whatsoever. It is simpler but at the same time more disturbing, in a metaphysical sense.

I joked earlier in my rant on occams razor, that the conventional wisdom would lead us to believe that everyone on earth is insane, and only a very few can be trusted to have an accurate picture of reality. In an even earlier post, I suggested that if we were cut off from the true nature of reality, we would all become as psychotic as any serial killer before long.

What if that’s exactly what’s happening?

Pretty much every avatara be it Jesus, Mohammed, or the Buddha or Krishna, all teach that the material world is not what it appears to be. They teach that our perception of this world and what it has to offer are highly delusional, and focusing on the material world for satisfaction, or anything resembling ‘truth’ is highly perilous.

If we can adopt the premise that our highly materialistic, superficial, objectifying, consumerist society is about as far from the perennial ideal as it has ever been, then doesn’t it follow that human beings as a whole are more insane than they’ve ever been?

The psychotic killer becomes that way because he experiences a break with ‘reality’ as it commonly understood. Without social reinforcement, let alone a grounding in spiritual truth, the psychotic ultimately has to formulate an entirely personal meaning to things. And if all you have to work with are the material assumptions most modern humans have to work with, then your personal delusion will undoubtedly be an extreme exaggeration of those materialist assumptions. That’s what leads to murder, to rape, to you name it, really.

Maybe the reason, to make it simple, that nothing seems to be making sense in this world anymore, is that everyone is becoming completely fucking insane.
Maybe as a whole we have drifted so far from any kind of true rudder to guide our civilization, we are indeed drifting completely off the map. Maybe we’ve abdicated any true relationship to reality to simply go live in the land of delusion. And it certainly wouldn’t help if we’ve got some bad old counter-initiates to help that process along.

For those of you who have seen Revenge of the Sith, there is one image that sticks with me: After anakin/vader chokes his true love, and leaves her lying on the ground unconscious, he turns away from her and faces the camera. obi wan kneels down to check on her.

meanwhile, Anakin is fucking ranting and raving about his personal power fantasy, about peace and justice and all this other shit, and his expression is completely glazed over. I thought that was such a perfect piece of acting. The mighty sith lord has just checked right the fuck out, and has no clue what he’s just done.

In the same way, I think a lot of the people in power have done the same thing. Looking at George, it’s not hard to imagine that he’s totally gone somewhere else.

Which raises a disturbing possibility for those of you with a spiritual bent: if someone has checked out of any relationship with reality altogether, then they’re easy game for all kinds of entities to take over.

Maybe we’ve lost our minds sufficiently that some very bad news creatures finally get to have their go at us again. Maybe we’re so far away from the truth that is supposed to protect us, not just from ourselves, but from the predators and parasites that live just beyond our awareness.

It would go a long way to explain the ufo phenomenon for instance. Maybe these ‘aliens’ are nothing of the sort. Maybe they’re manifestations of our alienated materialist sickness, and our defenses have finally become so weak they can start to run the show, manifest to us directly. I know for myself, that the antics of these ‘aliens’ have a little too much in common with stories of ritual abuse for my comfort. Maybe the bizarre rituals of the ‘elites’ are in some way meant to mimic the pseudo-initiations of the entities which appear to them.

which raises the question of where the fuck this is going? Will we finally go so completely nuts that we destroy each other, or the earth? Will the rulers who have signed themselves over to the nonhuman presences try to impose a singular delusion to control everyone?

Or will it be as Hp lovecraft said, and it’ll just be wild chaos, killing reveling enjoying. Abandoning truth altogether and giving ourselves over to the subhuman energies that lie in wait for the foolish. My teacher has said that because of our capacity for free choice, human beings have the potential to be become less than animals. To become so lost in delusion we lack even accurate instincts or a connection to nature. Beyond a certain point there is no turning back, and eventually most everyone would be degenerate caricatures of human beings, ruled by the most exaggerated and perverse drives imaginable, with no restraint whatsoever.

In a case like that there is no escape. Civilization will likely be a thing of the past. And no real hope but to stay alive, stay sane, and never surrender your mind to anything.

And be ready to fight a whole lot of psychos…