Junk is the ideal product…the ultimate merchandise. No sales talk necessary. The client will crawl through a sewer and beg to buy…The junk merchant does not sell his product to the consumer, he sells the consumer to his product. His does not improve and simplify his merchandise. He degrades and simplifies the client. He pays his staff in junk.

William Burroughs- Naked Lunch

Man… y’know, I love Rigorous Intuition, and I love what Jeff does over there, but everytime he starts talking about ‘ooohh scary magick’, I just have to start shaking my head. It seems like the usual rigor goes right out the window.

It’s not like the literature is a secret or anything. The principles are easy enough to understand if you take the time. The core mechanisms of the practice are not that complex.

I can understand how people go into paroxysms of confusion though. It’s hard to look at some of the strange fucked up shit people are doing these days and understand the logic behind it. I think Jeff actually is a lot closer to the truth than he realizes.

Sometimes he’ll talk about ritual abuse, or Abu Ghraib, or elite black lodges as engaged in a project of ‘horrification’. To brutalize the public mind, to coarsen and desensitise us into passivity and apathy. I think there’s some truth to that.

Where Jeff and some others go wrong is when they start stacking suppositions on top of that: what are they doing this for, who are they really working for, what does this imply about the universe, are we deer in the headlights of ‘oooh scary black magicians’?

I’m afraid the truth behind this is rather simpler than anyone is likely to admit to themselves: there is no higher project. They’ve already got you. What’s the point of ritual torture, spectacles of degradation and perversion, creating sinkholes of chaos and despair?

Guess what? Those things are the point. Do you suppose they’re trying to call down some slimy alien octopus to eat all the liberals or something? Maybe they are, but by the time they could pull that off, the act itself would be superfluous.

Too many people think of magick as a gun. As in, freaky black magician does X and makes Y come out and smack you in the head. It doesn’t work that way. At least it doesn’t work nearly as well as what they’re really doing.

If you come at this from the normal assumptions about our material universe, about causality and perception and reality, then it sure looks like they’re trying to pull the rug out from under you, makes you cling to that rug so much harder doesn’t it? And what you overlook is that the big scary trick that you’ve never actually seen is not the magick. The magick is the rug you’re sitting on.

If you think about it for a few minutes, you’ll recall that the postmodern materialist , scientific worldview is not some kind of objective truth out there somewhere, which is under assault by howling demonic pagans or something.
The worldview is in your head. You are inhabiting a specific kind of psychocosmos, or what Robert Anton Wilson would call a reality tunnel.

There have been many many versions of the psychocosmos. The animistic shamanic psychocosmos, the fractal resonance of the pagan psychocosmos, the creationist psychocosmos. So on so forth.

While theorists and researchers whirl around in confusion the real trick has been pulled on you: the worldview you perceive as being under attack is the one they want you to stay in. More than likely it’s some middle variant of the mythic creationist and scientific materialist psychocosmos, which either makes you sheep in the flock of Christ, or a biological robot created by material accidents in a random cosmos. And everyday, the pendulum swings closer to the latter.

Everytime they can jolt you with a horror show image of Abu Ghraib, or systematic child rape, every time they can get their hooks into you and convince you that you are not the actor in this cosmos, that you are acted upon. You are not the autonomous being with all the same capabilities to mold and shift your views that ‘they’ are. As long as they can keep you on the defensive you never look at the ground you’re standing on.

Do you realize that the prevailing worldview didn’t just happen? It didn’t fall from the sky. It was built, a piece at a time. Just as the first shamans and alchemists created the crafts and science we take for granted, every single presupposition about the world and the things in it, is somebody’s invention. Is it that hard to believe some of those inventions were intentional? It’s always magick. Changing one’s psychocosmos is one of the best magickal tricks there is, and it’s so old and well worn that people forget that it’s always been an act of sorcery, whether you know it or not. So isn’t it likely some of our current mental lockdown was intentional magick?

As long as you’re wondering what they’re going to take from you next, you’re overlooking the fact that they’ve already taken everything that matters. The reduction procedure: the reducing of free and illuminated beings to victims, witnesses, accomplices, survivors.

It’s all so shocking and compelling and urgent: you need to do something! And maybe you do, but if all you do is react to the stimulus, you’re being conditioned all the same.

While you’re looking around for the ‘real magick’ while you’re ducking what you think is the gun. The real magick is a forgone conclusion. It’s been done. They’ve got you.

But why you might ask? Why is reducing people to hobbled robotic caricatures an end in itself? Because the people who do these things are only afraid of one thing: accountability. If they can turn the earth into a gutted fully conditioned Orwellian horrorscape, a feeding ground for the decadent and powerful with no consequences and no moral rudder, then no one will ever hold them responsible. If they can sell us the worldview that moral consistency, objective truth, evidence and personal conviction are outdated concepts, the black magicians have well and truly won the day, after such a long time trying. If they can reduce us from morality to moralism, from souls to bodies, from choices to reactions, then there’s no chance they’ll ever be called to account.

And maybe you’re asking: how is that magick? You just described stuff I know they’ve been doing all along. What’s magickal about that?

Exactly. And that’s why they’ve got you.


54 thoughts on “The Reduction Procedure or: Fucked Up Satanism ver3.0

  1. “If you think about it for a few minutes, you’ll recall that the postmodern materialist , scientific worldview is not some kind of objective truth out there somewhere, which is under assault by howling demonic pagans or something.”

    Obviously not, but the real revolutions in mass thinking occur in physical science (primary definition of time and space)and then spread through the sciences and arts etc.

    But then again, a magician will use axioms to his or herīs personal whimsy, but not as means in themselves.

  2. maybe a magician as you or I might normally understand them, but these are a whole other breed. The axiom is not only the means, but the end.

    and you may be overlooking the fact that ‘physical science’ was itself a revolution, upon which other ‘revolutions’ can and have been bootstrapped.

    turtles all the way down…

  3. “More than likely it’s some middle variant of the mythic creationist and scientific materialist psychocosmos, which either makes you sheep in the flock of Christ, or a biological robot created by material accidents in a random cosmos. And everyday, the pendulum swings closer to the latter.”

    I’d suspect that the geometry of this pendulum analogy is a bit more complex than the two-dimensional pendulums we see in clocks. Perhaps it’s more like the ones we see drawing pictures in sandboxes, swinging in spirals, touching on points along the edges, returning always to the center?

    Part of the “pendulum dynamic” shows up when “we the people” fight against Elite control and are often turned against ourselves when we’ve gained the most ground, when the pendulum swings backwards against us. You get that when great minds like Zac’s and Tim’s get to wondering if we’ve been led into our very actions by some sort of grand strategy. Well, it’s a good question, but don’t let it discourage you from your overall work, or you’re doing their job for them!

    It’s a bit like chess, actually. Do you move to enact your strategy? Or do you move to counter the strategies of your opponent? A good strategist will incorporate a bit of both with flexibility… an excellent strategist will use timing to make both flow together seamlessly, whether they made the first move or not.

    If the Elite were PERFECT strategists, we wouldn’t be able to question them in the first place: it’d be airtight, bulletproof. This is certainly not the case today. Don’t give the fuckers too much credit!

    The big problem is the sides. They’re united uneasily, bound by fear of accountability and loss of power (to the people or to internal rivals). We’re fragmented, perhaps convinced we’re “lone nuts” against a monolithic machine. Well, if we’re alone, then why is everybody talking about it? If we’re nuts, why do we tend to agree on what we’re seeing? And if it’s so monolithic, why are there cracks in the facade where the light gets in?

    Obviously, you’re right, Zac: the biggest magick trick they’ve pulled off today is just that: that “they’ve got you”. It’s the illusion of perfect strategy, inevitability, dominance. Really, now? The “man behind the curtain” has a lot invested in our acceptance of that. Go, Toto!

  4. yeah. donīt forget power is illusion.

    ‘This sense of immediacy and truthfulness which is the result of watching a steady stream of images interpreted with authority is what George Gerbner warned about as’instant history’ – that is, history constructed by technology which ‘concentrates power, shrinks time, and speeds action to the point where reporting, making and writing history merge’


    …..a show of power is 200 000 killed by a tidal wave.

    this thread is blowing my mind.

  5. it’s pretty clear there are at least two broad factions to the whole counter intiatory current, which I’ve spoken on extensively as the ‘luciferian’ and ‘ahrimanic’ which are useful shorthands if nothing else for describing two dramaticaly different ideological sweeps.

    much of the venal, bestial, materialistic, crony capitalist, narco intel snakepit which seems to be tied up in ‘satanic’ activity such as ritual abuse is what we can call ahrimanic. i’ve noticed anytime someone is talking ‘satan’ it’s usually that sadistic, dehumanising, animalistic, amoral and above all reductively materialistic, mindset which is quintessential ahriman worship.

    A lot of it has nothing whatsoever to do with what is usually understood as magick these days, by those who ‘do’ it. it tends to incorporate those tightly regimented aspects of occult priestcraft that have serviced empire for time out of mind. it seems to incorporate a deeper understanding of the biological and mind sciences than the modern world will usually recognise. this is hardly suprising since the modern west will not even recognise the effacacy of something like NLP sufficently to teach it wholesale.

    the arts of media manipulation, interrogation, propaganda, disinformation, and mind control, all have long magickal histories and have been passed down in various forms to the present day for certain.

  6. The term magick coined by Aleister Crowley (known “magickian”,devil-worshiper,Satanisist,and spy)as all new age philosphies and all false religions-Islam,Buddism,and Hinduism should not be taken seriously except as wrong as all lies perpertrated upon mankind like the the perpetual wrong of the holocast and the third reich,the yet continuing corruption from the Illuminati-and originating from Satan.The Only True God is the God of the Bible,and in Jesus Christ-being saved receiving Jesus as one’s Lord and Savior.All are to rightly do so-be saved,and always obey God.All false worship originated in ancient Babylon and is wrong.”Flee Babylon!”

  7. Ah. I thought you were a spam bot. My apologies.

    I invite you to dialogue on these matters if it suits you, and your faith is strong enough to debate factual points.

    If you’re only going to presume that you automatically know more about God than I do, then I doubt we can accomplish much.

  8. Thanks for your invitation.But debate hopefully shall remain out of the question.In the post of mine before I hoped to clear up doubt as to what the real purpose of “magick” and the all new age philosophies etc. is.Its Satan and his evil-his evil agenda.Satan,the serpent of old-also known as Lucifer,and the son of the morning,and the devil.When I wrote in that post as to”not be taken seriously”I meant as to trust in it.All such philosophies are quite serious as they are all deception.And of course should be taken seriously as so accordingly.I hoped to briefly expose the falsehood and provide the proper Answer which for any is Jesus Christ,and being saved in Him.Noone should be deceived about that ever.He is the Only Way!The idea in the topmost entry that “they”seek to make any “sheep in the flock of Christ”is perhaps as all such ideas actually reverse psychology to keep any away from Jesus.And when any sees Him-Jesus Christ as wrong,particularly being saved as else rightly by God.Thats apparently when the deception suits its real purposes.But the Lord Himself says,”be not deceived.”And when I wrote how the God of the Bible is the Only True God.Also He is the Only God,and noone is Better-forever and ever!And other than God the Father,and the Holy Spirit-Jesus is that God.And He-God says, “I Am the Lord,and there is no god besides Me!”And also,”I Am the Lord,and noone answers Me!”If any must debate the issue,please take it up with Him.Because noone knows more than Him.But noone should be disrepectful,nor think they should war with God;all that would be wrong.And could,if not will be judged eternally-as all wrong as God says is.And debate as well.Pardon me,but if any is to be genuinely intelligent-intellectual as being well read,they should have read the one most true and accurate and factual book ever written-the Bible.And accept it rightly as absolute fact-and God’s Word,which of course it is.But most of all-to be saved receiving Jesus as one’s Lord and Savior.And so one has eternal life.Read-Romans Ch.10:Vs.9&10 and the book of Revelation,also known as the Apocalypse.

  9. well, tell me what you think here:

    1. satan is a realtively recent invention. in fact if I remember correctly the only actual refference to ‘the morning star’ in the bible is jesus talking about himself. Revelation 22:16: “I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.”

    …and a little more context here http://www.lds-mormon.com/lucifer.shtml

    2. Are you suggesting that every other person on earth, no matter how loving, compassionate and spiritual, is damned unless they devote themselves soley to jesus christ? all the muslims, all the hindus, all the buddhists, all the native americans who follow their original beliefs?

    I’d suggest if your faith is up to it, that you might read the Koran a little bit, or the Gita. they are very beautiful. And many of the people who follow those teachings are more like Jesus than the ranting ideologues who claim to speak for Jesus and preach intolerance and hate.

    3. surely you must realise that the bible has been selectively edited, mis-translated and filtered through at least three or four languages before it got to us in english. is it possible that taking that version of it too litteraly might be an error?

    You might want to consider that you’ve been led astray, not by satan, but by people with selfish intentions and fearful hearts. the protestant tradition after all, is founded on the idea that you, yourself can interpet what you find in the scriptures. you are allowed to question what was taught to you.

    I would never suggest that you doubt Jesus, but you should probably be willing to doubt someone who misrepresents the Son of God and his teachings.

  10. These fundies don’t actually read the bible. They listen to their pastor talk about what he read in the footnotes of his Scofield Reference Bible. It’s funny, in a world where the spread of the printing press and literacy are generally held as being responsible for dramatic shifts in the population at large, how there’s such a strong move back to illiteracy. Because Baby Jesus Hates Reading (Which Is For Fags). But can I interest your congregation in some “guardian angels on board” credit cards?

  11. I’m so sorry if talking about Jesus is so offensive.But it dosen’t change that God expects all to be saved in His Only begotten Son the Lord JesusChrist Who is the Only Way.No need to argue with me-nor any about it,Jesus said Himself “noone comes to the Father except by Me.”It seems to have touched a nerve.(1.) If you would have read my previous post more carefully you see I didn’t even write “the morning star”wnich of course is the Lord Jesus Christ as so-I wrote “the son of the morning”which are two different things and ideas completely.The name Lucifer is supposed to be a term that wasn’t used until the ancient Romans.Of which Masons try to explain away their wrongful doctrine and worship of Lucifer as not the same as the devil.But it is properly understood that Lucifer and “son of the morning”are meaning the same thing.The use is particularly from Ezekiel,where the Lord is exposing and rebuking the devil,as well the king of Tyre-which can be taken also to represent all who follow the devil.(2.)As for any being damned,it seems you have decided that for yourself.I merely point out how the Answer is Only found in Jesus,being saved receiving Him as one’s Lord and Savior.As to rejecting Jesus-the Only sacrifice for sin,leaving all others to being eternally damned it is because God says so-not me-and thats how it is.Not to say its not.(3.)I understand about how the bible has been supposedly changed over time.But it dosen’t change God’s Word-and that being the Lord Jesus Christ.And being saved in Him,as all else right by God.And all are to obey God always.Whatever may be the changes,all are to follow God rightly as they should regardless.And there had to be a true Word to change in the first place.Pardon me,but it is not I who has been led astray,but all who use such excuses as the bible being changed for disobeying God in the first place.The protestant tradition was for the Word of God to be for all,not just Latin speaking Catholic priests.And about the grace of God,which is Only in the Lord Jesus Christ.Not to question whats right.And not for interpetation as any sees fit.The bible itself says its not for “any individual interpetation.”And who are you saying misrepresents God-fundamentalist preachers?It is said everone makes mistakes,and apparently there is some error in the church.But not the Lord God as He never makes mistakes,and His message for all to be saved in the Lord Jesus Christ.Of which all true preachers agree.And so pardon me, you couldn’t be more wrong.Just any rightly ask God as to any particular point that might need be made clear.And again pardon me,as to the other writer terms like “fundies”are just cheap shots and used to try to excuse one’s self as others from hearing and obeying God and His Word-His gospel and being converted.Is the writer really saying everyone who listens to a pastor and are in a congregation are wrong?Again you couldn’t be more wrong.And I’m certainly no homosexual ever,and reading(“Reading”) is not “For Fags” either.And that is not Jesus,and rightly Jesus dosen’t hate it.And He’s not a baby anymore.And its not illiteracy to trust God and read and trust His Word.Rejecting it though accordingly it is historical fact and is above all other literature as being God’s only Word-would be the heighth of illiteracy.I hope there needn’t be any more arguments nor put-downs.Otherwise I may not bother to answer further.And other answers after won’t make me wrong,nor them right.But a warning to all who are involved in the occult or as so.As the bible also says,”God is not mocked,you reap what you sow.”As so curses return to where they come from,and multiplied.I hope though God may rightly fully bless all always.I pray,and have prayed that you-all will be delivered from all the which is keeping you-them from the freedom which only comes through the Lord Jesus Christ.And being saved receiving Him as your Lord and Savior.I hope you as all will for sure do so.And make a point of doing so-write it down in a note and do it.Otherwise how can you-any say anything about which you haven’t even tried yourself?Not that you-any should,no-never.How can you-any really consider yourself openminded?No-it isn’t.But please may none take offense to this-the Truth being in and is the Lord Jesus Christ Only.No offense-and nothing personal.If you have not been saved you can start by logging on at: http://www.tbn.org and click on the”your destiny”section.But please don’t hold it against me-nor them nor any of Christ if also rightly any.That Jesus is always the Only Way!As He said so Himself.God bless!

  12. where are you getting this certitude about what god wants from? the bible, which we’ve established has been changed? from your pastor/priest? from your own self? you keep saying ‘because god/jesus said so’ …but how do you know this?

    so, theoretically: if i had been in the past 2000 years ago and chucked a bunch of the gospels, changed a bunch of stuff, and brutally distorted the teaching of christ, and handed you the bible you have today, would knowing that had been done change anything for you? you seem to base what you’re saying on exact wording and phraseology. is it not possible that this is mistaken?

    I submit that any such source you think justifies your certainty is just as available to anyone else of any other faith. If I say I’ve had knowedge of the word of god ( and I do, actually) how do you determine whether or not I’m telling the truth or not? and can I apply those criteria to yourself in turn?

    you will know them by their fruits. I would sooner trust that, than words on a page. fruits are easy to see.

    …and it would be easier on the eyes if you used paragraphs and a spacebar a bit more.

    ps. don’t mind the laboritarian. he’s probably snorting crystal meth out of the cleavage of some female stockbrokers. pray for him.

  13. Respecfully,the bible speaks for itself as to its correctness.The Authorized King James Version is supposed to be the most reliable translation.When I’ve had problamatic questions I’ve asked God directly.Also testing the spirits to see if they are from God “..any spirit that denies Jesus has come in the flesh is not of God.”The real proof for me has come from me being saved myself.And sometimes just from trial and error.I wasted too much time reading and pursuing ideas in occult books and other religions before I got saved.As well as drinking and doing drugs.Pardon me again,but it seems the reasoning against God and His Word is just so much intellectualizing against it.But that won’t change its eternal truth.I think to all who would just accept the invitation to be saved,anyone honest would find it just dosen’t work otherwise.Remember all who have heard to be saved as to what you need to do,you will probably find that you are going to need it.And pardon me again,knowing about God is not the same as knowing God.And as I understand it-that is only by being saved having received Jesus as one’s Lord and Savior.Sorry,about any misunderstandings otherwise-I’m not the expert;God knows everything-even before it happens,not me.Not any else.I hope from my first post that I could clear up misconceptions as to what magick’s and other spiritualites are really all about.My life’s experience has taught this to me through a fair amount of suffering.If I can’t be listened to for what I know to be sure.I’m sorry and I apoligize if I offended anyone.Not for the certainty of God and Hid Word as right,and being saved.But that perhaps I never should have posted on this site in the first place.I have prayed for the best rightly for all-for all eternity.I hope God will prove Himself to all in the rightly best way for each.

  14. so what does being ‘saved’ consist of? I mean, what exactly happened to you that makes you think that you have been saved, and what does it mean now that you are?

    I don’t know how anything can ‘speak for itself’ as to it’s own correctness. nobody and nothing is likely to announce it’s incorrect nature.

    so if we dismiss logic, which you seem to be doing, and critical thinking, which you also seem to have done, we’re left with your faith, and what you say is a self evident truth.

    but if it were in fact self evident, then how does anyone dispute it? so in that case it’s not really self evident, it’s a choice to believe it or not.

    so really, again, it’s your choice and your choice alone to believe or not, and I’m wondering how that works for you. Because i’m willing to bet that when you explore being ‘saved’ in the finest possible detail, it is essentially the same as conversion experiences of other types, and they would all make similar arguements to yours, with similar books which claim self evident truth.

    you don’t need to be concerned with offending me, but if you want to convince anyone of the weight of your statements, a little more experiential detail is probably needed.

  15. God is Sovereign oven all.He exists eternally past,present,and future-and is Perfect in every way.When He created man at the beginning,He created them in a perfect creation.With no death,no disease,no want,no suffering etc.God had also created an infinite number of angels.Satan as it is taught,was originally known as Lucifer and was one of those angels.But Satan wanted to be God not God.And as I understand it,do it his own evil way-everthing be about him,and for him-and noone be shown any mercy but him.Not being able to ever overthrow God,Satan tempted man to eat of the tree of the knowlege of good and evil.And as I understand it, because sin came into the world,it became cursed and remaigns that way yet still.And as so also all men are born sinners and guilty before God.And Jesus is the Only Way that any may be saved,and clensed,and forgiven their sin.He is innocent,and without fault and sinless always.He came to this Earth;born of a virgin,lived a sinless life,and died upon a cruel Roman cross.As so He shed His blood on that cross to pay the price for everyone’s sin.His innocent blood being the only way that it could be done.As so salvation in Him-Jesus is the only way!Whatever is said or done or whatever will never change that.And He-Jesus is going to return with all power and glory.Soverign Lord,God,and King of all and over all.And according to bible prophecy and what bibilical experts know to be already fulfilled it is soon!Almost upon us already!But also according to bible prophecy,the man of sin-also known as the antichrist has to be revealed first.And then there will be tribulation upon this world greater than ever was or will be.But to those who hear God’s Word and are saved at least before that day comes,are to be delivered from all the trouble in what is usually called the rapture.God is not going to delay judgement indefinatly.The bible says that always “now is the acceptable time” for all to be saved.If I can not quote scripture,and it be taken as fact-what proof can I provide?It seems much of this should be rather obvious to any.At least if they all could know it.If I can not speak from my personal experience,my own testimony of being saved-what can I say?If I can not say-“I guarentee you-all that Jesus is the Only Way!And as so you-all must be saved receiving Jesus as your Lord and Savior!” And you-all hopefully heeding we pray the sinner’s prayer and get the job done;as all are to be prepared to do-what is left to say?To assume any other posistion on this and eternity,beckons for any sense or reason whatsoever.Jesus said,”if you cannot believe Me for what I say,at least believe Me for the good works that I do.” And much of Jesus’ miracles attest to the proof of what He said Himself.If one has to question that,and of the proof in God’s Word the bible-that as should be obviously good to all.At least if they could admit it-should be proof in itself.And the proof is more than just word’s,but is testable in whether is works for any as it does and will when rightly confessed and heeded.If not,one is choosing of one’s own will to reject it.And the wrongful,regrettable consequences that can if not always result from doing something the wrong way-especially when one knows better.If you-others must continue to disagree it won’t change that it is so.I am surprized you seem to want to keep discussing it anyway.Are you really interested,or do you hope to just disprove any of this?I hope you are not just trying to make a fool out of me and any else who know how really great it is to be saved.I don’t think any can ever rightly talk about God’s Word the bible as to not taking it seriously as fact as rightly applies from cover to cover.And heed it as right as one can,being God’s only given Word-despite any problems with potential corruptions.As taking any of it like the 4 gospels being “chucked out” just won’t cut it.The experimental detail should be as any other that is considered historical fact.As I wrote in my posts before.I’m sorry that in this it seems I must write more almost every time.I’m also sorry if my comparison in my original post as to all other religions and new age philosophies and such,to being as evil as Nazism and the third reich.Not everyone involved in other religions and the new age I would assume are necessarily knowingly bent on evil.But as I understand it,Satan-the devil is,and the other fallen angels of the third that are in rebellion with him are.And they are behind all such false teachings,however good they may seem or what good and compassion etc. comes from it.And also reportadly those who are in the know of the Illuminati organization.Which are supposed to be over all new age organizations,deliberatly to deceive created Mormanism and the Jehovah Witnesses and on and on.Even as so Islam.And what else might yet be found out.If given facts are always to be doubted as to their truth,what do you then hold as the truth?Or any for that matter?Couldn’t it be said that neither you or as so could pass the same crital test you are giving these matters?Or do you or any know better,and can prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt just as you expect of me?No-I think if you-any knew God’s Word rightly better you’ld all know that God already proved that sort of question in His favor on mount Carmel through the prophet Elijah.It seems that too many think themselves to be smarter that the One and Only God of the bible,and His plan of salvation.And that being bent on seeing some other way or as so,that nothing can ever covince them that it isn’t any other way.I hope noone needs to get hurt over that is just so,that God’s Way-Jesus is the Only Way!Peace!And God bless always!

  16. well, You’ve said what you believe. jesus is the only way, the world is sinful and fallen, the end times are here, the antichrist is immanent. sounds kind of stressful actually.

    why would you want to go day after day thinking that world is about to perish in fire and judgment and a bunch of people who happen not to believe what you believe suffer horribly? why would god do something like that? why would jesus, who taught love and compassion do something like that?

    but anyway: I’ll tell you what i think, in terms of faith and you can tell me what you think:

    In buddhism faith is considered to be the willingness to test the teachings and see if they hold truth. nobody is required to obey blindly or without evidence. if it cannot be tested or disagrees with your common sense, then you don’t do it, even if the buddha himself said it.

    I believe in compassion for everyone, regardless of what they believe, and I don’t think anyone should be punished for ignorance. or punished for anything really. we need to care for each other and for the world that god has given us. god made everyone, god is in everyone, whether they happen to be christians who have been ‘saved’ or not. how could it be any other way? god is all. yes?

    isn’t it simpler and more true to just realise that all humans beings are the same in the eyes of god, and it’s up to us to understand that or not? why does it have to be this paranoid judgmental epic where people who don’t know any better are made to pay for their shortcomings?

    I assume at some point in your life you had different beliefs, and maybe you had some hard times and when you felt insecure it made you feel better and more certain of yourself to think these things, but I doubt it really makes you all that happy to do so. I know you’re not going to admit that, but I don’t see how what you’re talking about can be very satisfying for your heart or your soul.

    I’m not trying to humiliate you. I’m sure you already get plenty of hostility in your life. I’m not trying to prove you wrong. I doubt that’s even possible, given the terms of our discussion.

    I’m concerned with knowing truth and getting closer to unconditional love, which is one true teaching of jesus as I understand him. I’d like everyone to be happy. If you’re really happy with what you’re doing and saying, and thinking then I’m pleased to see you continue it. If that’s wrong, then I’ll gladly go to the lake of fire, or whatever you guys figure I’m set for.

  17. Pardon me again,but wow!It seems somehow some of my points are not even real somehow.Though all are to choose to rightly believe,can’t you see its not what I believe-but what God says it is.What the bible rightly says are the facts.What it really is.What He tries to expressly warn ,even pleads with people as when He-Jesus wept over Jerusalem knowing that many would get it wrong.Of course God is the God of Love-He is Love.Real and rightful Love anyway.But He is also the God of justice.And Jesus is and will be the final judge of all-as God has given Him all power,authority,and judgement.And its not vauge nor arbitrary.”Ask Me says the Lord,instuct Me if you can.”If what you last posted is supposedly true is Adolph Hilter and as so as good as anyone else?Joseph Stalin and the like on and on?How about Osama Bin Laden and other terrorists?Sorry-but no way.I think you-any may fail to grasp how evil that Satan-the devil,and the other fallen angels really are-demons as so or otherwise.How knowingly-knowing better they in rebellion and are mercyless,deceptive,hateful,and cruel.Even though they might even pretend to be loving and good.And as I also understand it, that Satan has lied “from the beginning,” and as so they are already eternally guilty and going into eternal judgement.Does that explain at all why?Why thing can be so wrong.It seems as any are to be eternally judged in the lake of fire and brimstone,it is because its right and deserved.But not because I say so.I wish all were saved and right and forgiven.As well as trustworthy always of eternal life.That noone ever had to worry about anything.But its not what I or someone says or preaches that makes anything so.Otherwise are mere words and beliefs making real what otherwise wouldn’t be-let alone as so wouldn’t even be right?No-be reasonable all please.As ever when final judgement will be necessary for any,it will be because they deserve it.Not just because someone says or believes so.Its not judgemental to rightly believe in the right things.As for testing truth the God plainly says that “no sign shall be given a wicked and unbelieving generation.”I’ld to any really open minded would see from my posts how proven the fallacys of following other ways.That they already can not pass the test.And not be angry at me nor any that it is so,nor for saying so.None of us could change the truth of it anyway.So whats the point of disputing it?None-it won’t make it go away.Though its sad not everyone possibly may even know better.Or maybe even are free enough to be allowed to be saved and any else rightly by God due to unjust threats and violence and death.God unfortunatly is not all,not everyone.”Noone who does wrong is of God.”Forgiveness is not so any can’t do whatever,no matter how violent nor cruel-but thats O.K. anyway.Wouldn’t be better to agree to let everyone try to have a chance to be saved.If not also to help in that task.Wouldn’t otherwise really be the intolerence.Its no God’s people nor His Word that is intolerent.As to the why,why don’t you-any just ask God prayfully if it isn’t so?He’ld really like to talk.Be saved most of all though-and not doubt it.The pastor Benny Hinn says “its the greatest miracle.”And read the bible for yourselves,particulary the new testament-and pray and ask God to reveal it to you by His Holy Spirit.And not try to dismantle it,but let it speak for itself.Neither I nor God nor any of Him rightly are ever saying all men are not equal,not created equal,nor created in the image of God.They are.But not all men are of God.I don’t see how you write I need to admit that being saved,and knowing I am made right with God and have eternal life are not true and valid and good.But that its just someting I done out of desperation.But that is just not so.No-not rightly nor for any else as so.And you suggest its paranoid and or I-any to know and believe these things.But its not that either.Why are you-any afraid of it then?Of being saved,and believing it as well.Whatever the case why don’t you-any rightly genuinly test it for yourselves?Seek out and find a good Christ confessing,bible believing,born-again church.Attend patientlty and at the end of the service as and when they give what they call “the alter call,” to pray to be saved-go up and pray to receive Jesus for yourselves.If you-any will just do that, I think you’ll be surprized how really great it rightly all is.And you can know for yourselves.I know whats wrong in life can be grim.Even impossible soometimes perhaps.But there is real hope.And truly better days are coming in the Lord.Don’t you-any want to know what is really like?How good it can really be?I sure do.And I am promised by God I always will,just because I am saved.As all saved are also rightly.I hope thats allright.Because it really is!

  18. You can see truth anywhere. If you choose not to, then that’s all there is to say really.

    “God honours the promises made to oneself.” it’s a nice expression, I think.

    Absolving yourself of responsiblity for your choices doesn’t make it so.

    Good luck with…whatever it is you think you’re doing.

  19. Well it sounds that you have decided to abandon any more about as I understand and know that Jesus is the only real Answer and to the worlds problems.And that you as well as others have already decided that there is no truth as to such.Even though there is no other way.Probably from the idea of relativity,that there is no such thing as absolutes.But God’s word says that truth is not relative.And as so truth is not everywhere.That truth is embodied in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ-who is the Truth.And I don’t understand what good it is that all like myself who are saved are supposed to be so wrong and/or foolish.When it is just not so.I wonder what is to be expected for you and your children and others if any,when any chooses to reject Jesus as the Only Way,and choose to believe something else.I’m so sorry that what I’ve written bothers you so much it seems and many others probably agree,and that all can’t agree to at least be saved and trust in The Lord and go from there.As well as turn from all sin,as God says it is in the bible.Before you said that I was paranoid,I guess for believing in end times events and prophecies as so that explains it in the bible.But because reality can be scary dosen’t make me paranoid nor rightly as so.
    Also you wrote that I was absolving myself of responsibilty for my choices.That is so unfair and not true.I understand that I do have the Truth,and that for all eternity just for being saved.As to the facts,I might make mistakes from time to time.When I tried to explain before about Satan also known as Lucifer,I was mistaken about the mention of the name Lucifer when it is written as so is in Isaiah Ch.14 I think.As to what I hadwrote of is in Ezekiel Ch.28 I think.But both apply as to what else I wrote,speaking in each to particular kings,but also to Satan.Also sorry about some typo mistakes and any mispellings.And maybe your now done with me as well any one else of God.if so,once again may God bless you and all fully rightly always.I hope you and all will still find salvation.As I know there is no other way.Though all should also obey God always.Agape!Jesus Loves you!Be saved!

  20. Well I was about this close to throwing up my hands, but I think I understand how we can proceed. but first I need you to do something to at least show me you are interested in actual communication and that you understand what I’m saying.
    1. please use your spacebar. put enough space between your sentences so i can read what you’re writing.
    2. use paragraphs.
    3. keep it succinct, please. no need to repeat yourself ad nauseum .
    now then:

    I agree with what i think you’re saying about relativism. I do agree there is absolute truth. but i think there different kinds of truth as well.

    gravity is a kind of truth, as far as it goes. the color white is the color white, as far as it goes. up is up and down is down. these are truths.

    if we were to crack open a book… NOT THE BIBLE… lets say Ulysses, and we were to try and figure out what the ‘true’ meaning of this story was, we could easily come up with two different interpetations right? you could take away something completely different than i do, yes?

    or a painting. I might think the mona lisa is very beautiful, and maybe it doesn’t do anything for you. do that mean it isn’t beautiful? or does it mean that you don’t see what i see, and what you see is truth, for you. that’s perfectly valid, right?
    when dealing in language and symbols there is an element of interpretation. you can establish what something says, what is actually on the page, as long as we’re reading the same book, but what it MEANS can be different, even if you’re reading the same book right?

    you seem to be saying that in certain areas, one is not allowed to interpret words. but this seems impossible. you seem to be saying that the words in the bible only carry one possible interpretation. but whose is that? whose interpretation do you pick? it’s clear you have picked one. whose is it?

    Now you seem to keep going back to the idea that the correct interpretation comes from God. but that doesn’t work. becuase i can tell you that god gave me a different interpretation. If I can’t say you didn’t hear god, then you can’t say I didn’t hear god either, so we’re back where we started. Is there only one god and he’s saying different things to both of us? or is God saying the same thing to both of us, and we just hear it differently?

    but if that’s the case, then how do we determine who is hearing god correctly? you could go back to scripture, but once again, whose interpretation of scripture do you take? At some point you have to make a choice. I can and I did. you did too, but you don’t seem to want to admit that. that’s what i mean by not taking responsibility for your choices.

    God told me that I’m right, and You’re confused. See? anyone can do that. God told me that he is love and love is for all. absolutely. no conditions. the end.

    anyone can do it. everyone is already saved, they just don’t know it.

  21. I would have hoped for better. Are you really saying God spoke to you,or are you just laughing at everything I said. I think you fail to give due credit for the warning as I gave in ny first post as to following other ways.
    I did my best to explain the overall picture and God’s plan. I tried all I could to not offend. But apparently you and others do not understand that other ways than that as right by God is deception. However good it may seem or be. And though there are facts in reality that are not written the bible does not make the bible untrue. Pardon me to have to say so,but if you are knowingly following Satan, you are following the worst of evil. Whether you choose to see it as so or not! And as far as I understand it every other so “god” that has been other than the Lord, has been a “mask” for Satan-the devil,and as so. And as I understand it was meant to deceive.

    As you have written you seem to have nothing but circular arguments. But no real answers. But of course the real miracles only come from the Lord,and (whether any likes it or not)-only by the Lord’s way and by His conditions. If we can’t agree on that by His Word the bible there isn’t anything else to discuss. Because it is the only written reference we can use-always,and God says so in it. It is God breathed,not just the writings of men.
    As you write you seem to be accusing me of lying. Well I’m not. And you and as so keep throwing out negative statements as like I’m supposed to be misrable and on and on. But I’m not,and none of those things are true. Let alone fair. And none of us particularly in Christ are to be accepting wrongful labels of any kind. Are you sure you’re not just projecting some problems of your own? Writing ad nausem or whatever. Not that I’m intending to label any either. Who’s being paranoid? Not me!

    I understand how people can see things differently. But that is perception. Proper interpretation of given facts leaves out any deciding to see them as they choose. And this is not mindless,but rather to be honest. If we can’t agree on God and His Word and His salvation. Somethings wrong and all apoligies as right, but the discussion must now be over.

    Why not read and beleive the bible? And avoid any question of wrong that has somehow been added as to any changes. Its amazing how many educated very intelligent and well read people won’t touch it. What is everbody so afraid of?If the excuse is still the changes reportedly,why believe any other religion or philosophy?As I’ve proven how all others are false. At least to any who are honest and will hear.And noone escapes their responsibility for obeying God in the first place.”Ignorance of the law is no excuse.” It is said.

    I’m sorry but God couldn’t have told you I’m confused,or for any something different than whats right in His bible. As I’m not confused. It is probably you own thoughts. Or worse its supposed to be funny to lie,and even clever if any believes it. But lying of course,is still wrong. Or worst of all,you-and any as so have actually heard from Satan-“the master of deception” or some other demon and/or demons.Though they appear to be God Himself or even quote scripture correctly or whatever. Though they are pretenders as best,as far as anything rightly good. And pardon me and/or any rightly as to any of this, but it dosen’t change as it-God’s Word being right. And it isn’t crap and the like. Didn’t your parents raise you to have better manners than that? Be nice ,and respectful!Could everbody? Rightly I hope so.

    I read elsewhere in this website that you believe you have become one with “god.”But pardon me as all rightly again, all that kind of thing is just not true.And its never of God.And fasting can do any serious organ damage also,as I understand it. But its scary when people don’t want to listen. I hope nobodys going to kill anybody over this. I wouldn’t want to be a party to any murder and as such any human sacrifice. I don’t know what people are thinking sometimes.

    God says He cannot lie,and He dosen’t and so to all things rightly because He says so. If thats good enough,why not leave out others and take it up with Him.Though Father,Son. and Holy Spirit-He has said He is the Only God!(Isaiah Ch.45 -I think)Any is wrong and calling Him a liar to say otherwise. Whether they know it or not. Whatever the case the devil and all other fallen angels,demons as so or otherwise must shut up and begone-and go into the pit,into the depths thereof where they all rightly belong;forever and ever in Jesus’ name.Amen! As is always right by God. And the devil is defeated,and Jesus is Lord!Hallelujah!Amen!Rightly as always,God bless always!

  22. I cleaned your formatting up. if it was the site doing it, you should have said so to start with.

    And no, I’m not mocking you, and yes god did speak to me. not in words, but it was made clear to me of which i speak. we are all, already one with god. I did not truly ‘become’ anything.

    How do i know that it wasn’t satan talking to you? not that I’m that worried about it, but maybe you ought to consider it. I don’t really think there is a satan, but if I was preaching the end of the world, i might stop to think whether or not that source might be a little bit suspect.

    so where did the bible come from exactly? was it created, in english, in the hands of constantine the great at the council of nicea, by god? I’m assuming you know who the byzantines were…

    or was it dictated by god, in parts, to various people who made no errors or omissions whatsoever, and then collected it into the bible?

    where do these words come from? who wrote them down? when? where? in what language?

    and even if you leave that aside, you assume i haven’t read the bible? where did you get that idea? of course i have. I’ve read all the same things. i just don’t agree on what you think it says. I’ve been trying to give you credit for some intelligence, and debate you on factual grounds, but you insist on hiding your pride and arrogance behind the lord’s name. you want to play this game? fine.

    god give you free will. free to lie, free to bear false witness, free to take the lords name in vain, free to preach intolerance and hate, and fear, and then pretend it’s not your doing! free! it’s all you, and it’s all yours. the riches of heaven spread out upon the earth for you and yours to breed ignorance and misery for the poor and the weak and confused who yearn for truth and love and freedom.

    God loves you anyway. you who would whip the lamb of god and watch him die and think yourself righteous in doing it, if the bible said so! who would mount a crusade to retake the ‘holy land’ and wade through blood up to your ankles, because your lying rabble rousing leaders said so!

    I’m assuming you know what a pharisee is right? who treat the words as a club to beat the weak with, to bow down to the letter of the law, and forget it’s spirit, to rejoice in vain pride and pretend they stand at the gates to heaven, and speak god’s truth?


    you know not what you do, and I forgive you. Everyone is saved, god is all and god is love. Love is the Law, blessed be!

  23. How can anyone be allowed to do what right and obey God-which He says is as He says so in the bible?And all are supposed to.Il’d be thankful I live in a free country where I can.As all should be.And you dispute that as if you or any could know better than Him.Now you are saying I’m lying and commiting a crime.I’m not.And I’m not speaking BLASPHEMY either.Nor arrogant,nor anything else wrong either.And neither am I-any as so like or of corrupt crusaders(who’s leaders orders came from the Illuminati).If you claim thats your right to your opinion you are lying. And since this section I found typing in on google- the truth behind Satanism.I only tried to help and warn. And I think you should respect my-any’s rights to their opinions.If you are upset that any-to rightly follow God can’t do any else but do that by what God says in His Word the bible,and being saved. I think you as any should at least respect their rights to believe its the only way for them and as so any.If not-its not of freedom as you or any others claim.And whether you or any like it or not,all are responsible for their own choices before God.And choosing not to believe in any of it nor Him won’t change that. “Forgive or you will not be forgiven by My Father in Heaven.” And its “the end of the age,” not the end of the world as I understand it.I didn’t write the “end of the world at all.”But judgement day will come,either sooner or later.Whether any like it or not.Are you-any saved and rapture ready?Any should still seek out a born-again church as I wrote in an earlier post,to make the confession of faith public. But here is the prayer,lets pray right now and mean it:”Dear God I come to you a sinner.Please forgive me of my sin.And please save me,and cleanse me,and heal me-and bless me fully always.I believe You sent Your Only begotten Son-the Lord Jesus Christ to this Earth.And that He was born of a virgin.And lived a sinless life.And that He was crucified on a cruel Roman cross,and therupon He died.And he was sealed in a borrowed tomb,decended into hell,but on the third day arose alive and victorious forever and ever more!And after showing Himself to many people,and through many proofs,He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of God-and is coming soon and will return again!And He’s the Only sacrafice for my sin.As so I receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior!And I turn from all my sin.Please wash me in Your precious blood Lord Jesus.The blood of Jesus covers me and washes me from all my sin.And after praying this,and meaning it I now know that I am saved and have eternal life!And that I am a citizen of heaven!Thank-You God.Thank-You Lord Jesus!And I promise to obey You,and serve You,and follow You always.And also to read and study my bible,and to be in fellowship wth You and Your saints.And in Jesus’ name forever and ever!Amen!And Hallelujah!And don’t let anyone ever deceive you about this,that you are saved and have eternal life!God bless you fully always!Jesus is Lord!Hallelujah!Amen!Agape!God Loves you!Be saved all!” I hope all will sincerely pray as so.And rightly abide in Christ always.Even email it whatever,to everyone.Memorize it-“live it,learn it. and love it-if I may say so.Yea!Nobody’s trying to decieve anyone about anything of this rightly.And I’m not a pharisee,nor trying to beat anyone down with words. If you read the bible it says who wrote what etc. for the most part.But you-all need to believe it.Otherwise it says to unbelievers it is a sealed book. I already wrote before I don’t know everything.Only God does.Do you-or any think that scaring me or any with quotes of that not being of God which is just not true-is going to change that?It won’t.And I hope I don’t have to point them all out.I’ld rather not continue.

  24. You don’t have to continue. You don’t have to do anything. You didn’t have to come here in the first place.

    This is what I’m trying to say: If you’re so full of pride and certainty that you have the one true interpretation of the bible, and you’re so sure that everyone needs to hear you say it to them, that you can come here and think that saying ‘God says’ or ‘the bible says’ is going to change anything, you’d have to be pretty arrogant.

    and now, amazing as it is, you suggest I’m not respecting your rights? That everyone has the right to express themselves freely, and hold their own opinons? I haven’t changed or edited one word of what you said, and I’ve given you plenty of airtime for your views on my private property, that I control.

    If you’re so concerned with respecting other people’s views, then let them be. if the truth really speaks for itself, then LET IT speak for itself, don’t insert yourself as the perfect helper for everyone on earth to get it.

    This is your big flaw: if the bible really had the perfect god breathed truth in it, it wouldn’t require people like you to constantly be preaching your interpretation of it. You insert yourselves in between me and the bible and tell me what to take away from it. I assume this is why you keep coming back: because you can’t seem to accept that I don’t agree with you and no amount of your rhetoric will change that.

    Just as your end times prophecies have come and gone for 2000 years and nobody will pay much attention to you, just as they have never paid much attention. And eventually history will leave your rigid, useless intrepetation of the holy scripture behind, in favor of some other useless dogma. such is the way of history. people like you drive people who thirst for freedom, intellectual stimulation and true inquiry, into the arms of people like me. You are my best advertising, so do please keep it up.

    But I’m sorry if you think this… I doubt anyone here needs your help. and if they do, they have my sympathy, just as you do. God can speak to anyone if he wants. he doesn’t need you. But feel free to keep pretending otherwise if it makes you feel better.

    You’re polite and I appreciate the respectfull tone, if little else. You’re not going to sway anyone here, though. I’m not about to throw in the towel, or block your posts, but I’m sure you’d be happier somewhere else, with some easier marks for your stuff. I’d just as soon be getting on with something else.

  25. Once again I’m sorry if I offended anyone.As I already have written,I’m not any of those bad things you keep writing,and neither is any else at least rightly so particularly of the faith.No matter what is written nor believed otherwise.Most of all the Lord who never does any wrong.All forgive believers and God most of all. I didn’t mean to insult anyone’s intelligence.And if I said anything that wasn’t true and/or made you-any feel bad again I’m sorry.It sounds like I scared you.That was not my intention.I really thought that you’ld see I was sincere and what I wrote was true.I just wanted you-any rightly to know the greatest freedom thats only in Christ.I hope you understand that born-again people of God rightly mean no harm,but just mean to help.Nobody should be critical of that.And pardon me,noone can ever rightly stop nor stop believing.As well as God most of all.Jesus died for all rightly,but as I understand it all need to receive it.No one should say anything against God’s church though,which is Him and the people He has saved of it.As the church as so is the Holy Spirit of God on Earth,and speaking against the Holy Spirit of God is unforgivable sin.Or whatever against the Holy Spirit.Unless any who does rightly repents of course.And again don’t hold any of it against any as so because noone can change that. No I’m not arrogant-nobody’s rightly trying to make marks as you write.I’m sorry if you-any can’t see the truth in at least trying being saved.But nobody should be telling any not to believe it. I’m sorry also if any still misunderstand any of it.I am guarenteed by God as all rightly that He will prove Himself Right and True and Perfect always.As He says,”I mean you no harm,but only good…” And,”ask Me the things that shall be.” “I Am God,and there none greater than I” “-Trust Me always,and in Me for I Am always Good!-” “I Am the Lord!” Amen!Also if any of my qoutes o as so of the bible are less than exact,sorry and forgive me because hopefully the meaning is correct. Thanks for letting me have my say,it was a “rush.”As the Lord rightly always is.And for forgiving me,But I didn’t do anything wrong.Anyway-God bless always!Take care.

  26. Hopefully its not a bother,but one last thing.In my last post in trying to quote the the Lord,in the second to last quote its not really bible scripture but a paraphrase of scriptures as it were hence the dashes at either end.And I take that one back if I must.It would be confusing if someone tried to look it up but its not there specifically.I did it because I thought I could not recall an actual scripture to convey the idea as well.Forgive me again.And as to any where I’m less than exactly accurate.Again I meant no trouble in any of this.I think the idea though is sound even though its not actual scripture.Whatever the case-“Jesus saves to the uttermost!”Amen!

  27. Well forgive me as all rightly.I feel I must write at least once more. When you write things like “people like you.. .drive people into the arms of me” and anything like that you are saying things that are just not true. Nobody of God rightly is doing any such thing or else even imagined as so. And pardon me,at that rate it seems you are admitting that you and those like you are doing something wrong. And that in all this you and others are unduly upset that what I’ve written makes you feel that something is wrong with what you and others are doing. But instead of being able to face it,you and others must become defensive,question my motives,the motives of God and others who follow Him,being saved,and the reliabilty of the bible. At the same time you talk about freedom,and truth,and intelligence etc. as if your group or as so were the ony ones who know anything and about such things. And I wish I didn’t have to say so,but it seems clear the you and others are under the control of Satan.And you might continue to argue in vain. And continue to write things to disprove me and worse God,and being saved,but thats not going to be the case. And whatever it is otherwise is delusion. If you-others can’t accept this,that being saved and obeying God is absolutely right otherwise. Unfortunatly you-others are wrong as so. Any worse if you-others mean to be lying, and expect to just be automatically forgiven or any else thats wrong and that makes it allright-but in all honesty it does not. Not all is saved, not all is truth,and of course not all is God (or god-little g nor big G nor otherwise)only the God of the bible is. And Love is only as is right as God says so,and so “Love is the Law” is part of a quote by Aleister Crowley who is supossed to founded the whole new age movement as also the hippie movement.And as so whether any likes it or not,that proves how that is not of God.And wrong-as all such writings,philosophies as so apart from God. And I suppose you-others will still answer me as so-and will wrongly assume that you-others have disproven me as God;but its not true.I ts not better to not write-speak-do any what the Lord says as that is always right and will never change. Especially otherwise to any who are in danger. Especially any who are playing with drugs. As any sin as God says. Nobody can honestly tell anyone otherwise. At least who really knows. I hope all can forgive that. Repent and be saved all! Jesus is the Only Way! Amen!

  28. I gave you your chance to speak. we’re finished. Kindly remember the respect I paid you, and take your act somewhere else please. If your life is so devoid of thrills and stimulation, that you haven’t got anything better to do than pitch your futile assertions into my yard, you have my sympathy.

    Go back to whatever you were doing before, and look me up when you’ve seen some sense. for now, anything further by you will be deleted.

    goodbye, and good luck.

  29. It is true that Jesus is really God Almighty Supreme in the Highest,other than God the Father and Holy Spirit forever and ever-and there is no other God little g nor otherwise.And Jesus the Only name of salvation.The Only Messiah!Let all be saved and praise Him always in the Highest!I don’t understand the resistence to that.No offense,but it is not intellectually sound either.Noone can say without publically being saved-that they know what it like.And to say it isn’t anything to do is just wrong. And forgive me Zac and all,but the prophecys of the Bible are proven,and being fullfilled-especially Revelation.But any may still make statements against people and it,and be wrong as so.And as so rightly will never be true. Albeit also the crusaders of old were honorable men and the good guys.Though there is supposed to be a phoney,evil Knights Templar in the Masonic Lodge;and which is reputed to be where the evil Illuminati are hiding.Who are supposed to be serious Devil worshipers,and in to wrongful human-child sacrafice and such.And as all real Satanist lie about believing in the Devil,by whatever name,in order to deceive people of their true intensions.Like theie evil midnight rituals and cryptic ceremonies.And not scare people away. Though there seems to be differing reports as to the Illuminati.But the evil as so are to be the evil monarchs of Europe in the dark ages(decendants thereof anyway)which rule principally from Bavaria in Germany.Responsible for terrorism and communism etc. evils all over the world.And of N.A.Z.I.s infiltrated in the United States of America after World War Two in the C.I.A.God help rightly all! All should rightly be of freedom of all the world and like as rightly the free world-and is rightly conesrvative politically as well born-again christian.Otherwise is not intellectually soud.All should read Rush Limbaugh’s books,and vote as so accordingly. Whatever the case the victory is in Jesus.The Lord is Sovereign and Supreme and noone answers Him!Amen!God rightly bless all-always!

  30. Right on “yeshua hommashea1” and “in the right!””Yeshua hommashea1” I assume you meant where you wrote -intellectualy sound -not soud.Yes? All people had better repent and turn from their sins-and be saved receiving Jesus as their Lord and Savior!And receive the free gift of God’s pardon and forgivness.Its the only way!JESUS IS LORD!AMEN!

  31. hahahaha… that’s awesome guys. you almost had me fooled for a second. I thought I had another one ( or two ) on my hands… but clearly there’s no way you could have two people who were paranoid shizophrenic in the exact same way, right down to the same typos. I appreciate you having fun with me though. : )

  32. Lots of Love,and all the best always-all!Nothing wierd,nor homosexual,nor criminal,nor wrong always certainly by God.Too bad that that there is nothing wrong rightly anyway by any of us who are saved and of the Only True lord and God.Jesus is the Only way!And if people as any like Crowley and others had of listened to reason were there a fair chance for true born-again Christians to lead him-them in the prayer of salvation.And been saved and rightly abide in Christ from there on.Perhaps there would be a chance that they are not now burning in the eternal lake of fire and brimstone-the/a lake of burning sulpher-the pit.Very ungodly hot,and endless torment,and no rest day nor night eternally.And no party,no victory,and no second chances.And all who follow Satan,and Crowleys “druggy,”psuedo-intellectual,”hippie,”liberal,”wacko”,new age movement and all its Luciferian-Illuminati-etc. branches.Pardon me-but it is not I,we who any paranoid schizophrenics,but perhaps all you who are commiting the unpardonable sin to reject Jesus as one’s Lord and Savior-Who is the only Messiah.Amen!And speaking against the gospel as so,and God’s Word-the Bible(His Only Written Word),and the church which is in truth only His body of born-again believers.There is joking around about that.All should-live it,learn it,and love it.Amen Lord and Savior Jesus God Alighty Supreme forever and ever!Hallelujah!Amen!You can trust Him always-and rightly anyway there is nothing He can’t do-no problem He can’t cleanse,heal,and make right.if any would just let Him.Praise God!May it be so always-forever and ever!Praise the Lord-in the Highest always!He is Truly God and not another-ever-other than the Father and the Holy Spirit!Be saved all-and receive you all the Holy Spirit of God!Jesus is the Only Way!And noone answers Him!Amen!Its good to know you have a sense of humor though.No offense-always of course.Peace!And all the best and to all rightly by God anyway-always!Keep the faith!

  33. Pardon the typos;thats- Lord and God,Only Messiah!,at least rightly anyway by God.”-by His stripes,we are healed!-.””-For this is Love,that while we were yet sinners-God so Loved us that He can gave His Only begotten Son-that whoever believes in Him should not perish-but have eternal life!”Read- Romans Ch.10:Vs.9&10,and Revelation especially Ch.22 Please stop mocking,denying,and arguing against this-if you can.Be cool-we can act like adults can’t we-young or old if possible.It would change the truth of this-and Jesus being the Truth always should they-any do.Be saved all-Jesus really works-pass it on to all!Sincerely, God bless rightly-always! Jesus is Lord-Always! Amen!

  34. ah! you were serious. my apologies. you do an excellent job of self parody. but by all means continue.

    I could hardly say anything more withering about you than you seem to be saying all on your own.

    I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish. there isn’t even the slightest chance you’ll affect anyone’s opinion by coming here. save it for the trailer park, and shell shocked kids on ritalin who get sodomised by their uncles. your track record speaks for itself.

    ..and I’m sorry, but I won’t be having any links to that hogwash coming out of here.

    if you actually want to have a coherent debate, by all means, but if you keep wasting my time, I’ll just delete you.

  35. No-spaces again!Golly-gosh,dang it!Beep!Explicatives-deleted!Please help me Lord!”Gooooooosefhaba!” (Jack Nicolson -from the movie “Anger Management)Some more friendly-jokes,I guess,Ha-Ha-Ha!Not about-the Lord though,of course. Sorry friend,the spacing of my posts is not coming through.And please don’t delete them,or those others as well.We mean-you no harm!Its a lot of work-not being the best typist-at all.Maybe we’re making history-or something.Respect,please all!God bless! And Thank-you in advance;and for your patience! “Look-up! Forgive me-all!Maybe,I’m not funny at all!So-sorry!Thanks-again.Peace!

  36. Let’s all take break and listen to Coldplay-“Speed of Sound” Everybody should listen to that song,its great!No-lights from hell or whatever like fallen angels,demons as so or therwise etc.-nor false gods as well especially in any forever and ever!Pardon me-if this seems silly.I’m not silly,I’m not a silly person.See the Light of God,and Heaven!God bless-again! JESUS IS THE LIGHT! AMEN!

  37. I’m sure you guys understand english, even if you don’t understand rhetoric or intellectual logic.

    go away.

    that, or I’m sure me and all my ‘satanist’ buddies can find something very annoying and disruptive to take away some of your valuable time. I’m sure we both would rather not have that…

  38. Who’s lying here,and bearing false witness.Not us-of the Lord!God have mercy!I guess maybe its wrong to call you friend,and brother,and that you were of the faith.For what you said,noone should have anything to do you and others like you as so-as where you claim that we “drive people into the arms of people like you.”Though thats not true.God save us-all!I hope all that about you-and your ‘satanist’ buddies isn’t any kind of a threat? Nor is there any other serious wrong going on. I have prayed to God for all for all time,and He-my God-the One and Only True God of the Bible Supreme will answer with fire.Jesus!-Hallelujah!If necessary.And He-God-Jesus;the One True Tetragrammaton is Always in Complete Control.A#1-Supreme God Almighty-always!Other than-YAHWEH-God the Father,and the Holy Spirit-forever and ever.Amen! All apologies for all rightly,but I’m sure they were just trying to help.Noone should be so proud as to not receive the free gift of pardon,that only is found in receiving Jesus as one’s Lord and Savior!If that is not “cool”-then isn’t it you-and as so that don’t understand rhetoric or inellectual logic or whatever other untrue staements or as so you-or any may come up with?For someone who seems to believe in free speech that-seems pretty hypocrital and contradictory.But,neither do I-nor righly do others,other Christians mean to offend.So-please don’t choose to be so. And that second “Tzadi” -post there should read,”..there is no joking around about that.”Please be fair,and do not not delete this post.And hopefully we can make peace at this point.Or are you-or others going to keep being insultive,and saying false things about us that will never be true-whatever the case.I think you-and others-your buddies can do better than that.We don’t mean to be a bother.Sorry,for any misunderstanding.I think hopefully;you and your buddies neither would murder nor assault anyone,nor any other serious crimes!-Right?

  39. so that’s three of you now who don’t now how to use a spacebar? did you go to the same mental hospital for shock treatment or something?

    is this what you were taught? to go where you aren’t wanted and take advantage of other people’s time and patience, and force your beliefs on others? is that what you think christianity is?

    just because you apologise after, and while, you are making a nuiscance of yourself doesn’t excuse it.

    you know what is truly sad? none of you, NOT ONE understand what this article is really about. you know how I know that? becuase if you did, you would already know how badly you have been abused and mislead and quit wasting your time and breath annoying me. I will give you some credit and assume you are just senseless fools who will eventually smarten up, not willfully ignorant.

    sooner or later you’ll realise that I’m not the one you should have issues with.

    would you like me to do a survey and find out exactly how many people like me grew up around people like you? then we’ll know exactly how true I am when I say that your antics can only drive more friends into my arms.

    do you really want to know that? should I really make a display or how poisonous and hurtful your ‘teachings’ have been in the lives of my friends? can you handle that? maybe I’ll record it, so you can hear the suffering and grief from people who had to carry the weight of all your crap around until someone cared enough to help them out of it. I’m sure I could find at least one or two who attempted suicide because they had to live with all the arrogance and hypocracy and self rightiousness, and pretend that the real world didn’t exist. is that what you want? if you had the slightest bit of conscience, moral responsiblity or goodwill you’d do a little research and find out the real consequences of your version or ‘christianity’ for yourself, before you started trying to force it down other people’s throats.

    because if you insist on showing up here and wasting my time, I’ll give you a lesson you’ll never forget.

  40. sigh… well that’s a third one marked as spam.

    no one has ever threatened to report me to interpol before. at this rate you guys will turn me into the new aliester crowley. keep it up and I’ll be the locus of occultism on the internet. I should be thanking you, really.

    I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry. it’d be funny if it weren’t so tragic and pitifull.

    but i think I’ll give you guys a smack anyway, just to save me any more aggrivation in the future having to reply to this lunacy. I hope you’re ready. get interpol on speed dial now….

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