I was kind of surprised when looking at Ahriman worship, that it explains an awfull lot of what I’ve been talking about from the very beginning. For that reason I’m sort of hesitant to launch into some re-capitulation of all the themes I’ve been into so far, because it would be very easy to trot them out again.

If you’ve read even a little bit about physics, you know that matter is an illusion. What we experience as solid objects are really the force fields of vibrating pockets of probability. There’s nothing there, except empty space.

That’s important to remember when you talk about Ahriman. It’s a lie from the ground on up. It’s a useful lie, at times. It allows us to wrap our heads around what’s going on, gives some boundaries to work with, it’s a necessary foundation for our growth. What’s dangerous about it is when we take a useful delusion, and turn it into the whole picture.

There’s so much to the human being that cannot be reduced to mere matter, to flesh and chemistry or physics. It’s easy to see what some chunk of matter is doing, maybe even the cause of why it does what it does, but can anything out there tell us what it means? Is there anything in the whole material universe that can answer for us why any of this is here?

Materialist science is founded on what Terrence Mckenna called ‘the one free miracle’ . If you allow for the possibility that the whole universe sprang into existence, instantaneously, out of nothing, for no reason at all, we can explain the rest, no miracles required. So at the bottom of the whole enterprise, there a big hole. What Kurt Godel might call ‘incompleteness’.

So how does the Ahrimanic current deal with this? How does it handle the fact that to the slightest bit of critical examination, the slightest whiff of free questioning, it collapses like a house of cards? How does dead matter protect itself from the onslaught of mind and heart?

It does what it has always done. The partisans of Ahriman, above all, are afraid: They have placed their faith in appearances, in the surfaces of things. Matter is mute, so the priests of matter and flesh can attribute any meaning they like, as long as no one can contradict them. Those who kneel down to matter are free to elevate their egos to mastery of the universe.

If they acknowledge god at all, Ahrimanics probably consider themselves to be Deists, inheritors of a creation that god has bequeathed to those with the will to shape and master it. This belief is rather common amongst early freemasonry, and it’s legacy is in the references to a great architect, a great geometer. Isn’t it interesting to find so many connections between ‘Satanist’ activity and freemasons?

Deism is a nice idea, but it implies that if god intended for us to perfect the world, that we ourselves were perfect at it’s beginning. Seems kinda unlikely don’t it? But the idea that we’re perfect rulers of a half finished cosmos is awfully tempting to the Ahrimanic devotee.

Sadly we are not perfect. We are not static beings. We learn, we grow, we move in turn towards that which moves us. And if you’ve already decided that there either is no god, or that he’s left you the keys, and aint comin back, it’s awfully easy to start down that slippery slope don’t you think?

So it’s hardly suprising the lords of matter have some bestial secrets. Particularly if there’s no reason not to be a beast. You could choose to act otherwise, but if you don’t open yourself up to something bigger than your ego, you’re eventually going to end up lying to yourself, which is pretty much what Nietzsche realized, and it’s probably part of why he lost his mind.

So lying to yourself is a dead end, but lying to other people is a sure fire solution to all this chaos going on out there! In fact, the best way to get people to behave is to lie to them about morality! By all means convince them you’re the most moral and upright person who ever walked the earth. They’ll love you for it. And while they’re busy depriving themselves to chase their own tails, it just leaves more goodies for you right? Party time! There’s a big difference between moralism, and morality, after all.

The problem with that is, if you operate fom the premise that you’re free to do as you please, then what about everyone else? How are you to control everyone else, when deep down they’re beasts just like you? Not that you’ll ever admit to being a beast. You’re a egoic demigod, a Lord of Matter Itself. And your ego is never going to survive if you can’t figure out a way to keep this crazy mob of animals in line…

So naturally you turn to machines. They’re clean, precise, orderly, they do what you tell them to do, which helps to support his myth of invinciblility you’re cultivating. Whether it is state mechanisms, corporate and industrial mechanisms, military machines or surveillance systems. A good sturdy fence to keep these dogs away from you. But after awhile there just get to be too many of them! Eating , breeding, taking up space. If you were prepared to admit you’re a beast, you’d realize that these other creatures are threatening your niche. But no, you aren’t about to do that.

At a certain point it became feasible to mechanize people. Industry has put a lot of effort into perfecting the methods to turn workers into a another piece of equipment, and those techniques have advanced to the point where it’s possible to turn a person into a hollowed out shell, full of standardized programming. But to even go that far, you need to look to the third Reich.

It’s possible to speculate on the occult roots of Nazism, and you can spend a lot of time doing that, but why bother? There’s no real need to try and penetrate the ‘occult’ roots of the Third Reich. You scrape the surface and you see the true magick of the Nazis very clearly. The mechanized extermination of millions of human beings is Ahriman worship taken to it’s lowest point. They left a legacy of dehumanisation and violation that’s hard to match. Without them would ritual abuse and trauma based mind control be possible? They set the precedent. People reduced from humans, to animals, to machines, to simple numbers, to be subtracted without hesitation. Transplanting doctors and scientists from there to here is an afterthought, really.

So let’s step back and tie this together: I’ve already talked about how Luciferianism opens the way to easy power, to a mentality that isn’t prone to examine the long term consequences of that power. Is it any wonder Ahrimanics want to control everyone so badly? It’s a splendid dynamic; we relentlessly extend our capabilities, reaching beyond our collective wisdom to terrible effect, making it easier to create the climate of fear which cries out for the controls of the highly moral, squeezing things till the freethinking have to generate the means to break out all over again.

And we’re so busy on one side of this struggle or another, and it almost never occurs to us that maybe we’re being fooled. It may well be for our own good, to bring us forward, to keep us evolving, but until we actually wake to the process, we’re a just a bunch of crazy people.


6 thoughts on “Infectious Derangements-part IV “there are no reasons…”

  1. So, the Luciferians want to turn us into a brainwashed race of lustful happy children that don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain.

    And the Ahrimanics want to bring about the nightmare techno-control society from the Terminator movies or the Reign of Steel GURPS module.

    I guess I’d better stock up on pitchforks and torches.

  2. I suppose that’s as good a way to put it as any. My personal metaphor is Brave New World vs 1984

    George Orwell duking it out with Aldous Huxley, with the Buddha sitting in the corner shaking his head solemnly…

  3. Isn’t it interesting to find so many connections between ‘Satanist’ activity and freemasons?

    whatever. casting the net a bit wide there aren’t you?

  4. So, the Luciferians want to turn us into a brainwashed race of lustful happy children that don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain.


    The Luciferians I know are all nature mystics who want people to take responsibility for themselves and spend more time praying and improving themselves spiritually.

    Is STeiner referring to a specific group here or is this some “spiritaul current,” the way that Born again Xians often subsume Gnostics, Hindus, Pagans Buddhists et al under teh umbrealla of “Satanism”?

  5. the latter I think. and whatever you call it, there is definitely a current of brave new world-esque techno/psychic one-world utopianism that likes to hang the lightbringer up as their patron saint

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