I speculated a few entries back on what is it that makes humans what they are, on what it might be that separates us so clearly from other creatures on this earth, and from the ecosystem. What is the origin of our headlong rush into the hallucinatory realms of culture we find ourselves in? Someone like
Ran Prieur would be happy to tell you how ‘progress’ is an illusion, and what we call evolution is really a pathology of some sort in human beings. But he is at pains to point out what that special something actually is…

In the old testament it was a serpent, and it’s name was Lucifer.

From time out of mind, this Lucifer impetus has handed us the keys to greater and greater powers, which frequently outstrip our wisdom to use them. We harness the energy to build artificial environments, like cities, which when you think about it, was the earliest form of virtual reality.

And it’s been that way ever since. In Rudolph Steiner’s veiw, all revelatory or visionary experience is rooted in the Lucifer current, even when it serves the purpose of the Christ consciousness, as in the divine transmissions to pretty much every prophet or religious teacher there’s ever been.

The underlying danger, according to Steiner, and for that matter, every teacher of true gnosis, is to become lost in the fireworks, to mistake the power that comes with the truth for the truth itself, to lose yourself in worlds of light and beauty and endless delights. To flee the suffering of the world into angelic fantasy. To do so is to rob yourself of the chance to live among those who suffer, to learn compassion and grow, to experience the touch of god in the mundane. To reject the kingdom of god for an illusory paradise.

If you’re prepared to accept that premise, at least for the sake of argument, it might alarm you to find that this version of Luciferianism has had some serious plans in the offing.

I’ve mentioned The Theosophical Society, and my dim view of the carny show channeled-masters riff of Madame Blavatsky. What I neglected to mention, is that the core figure of her mythology was the bringer of light himself. In fact, the Theosophists published a magazine with the title of Lucifer in the latter part of the 19th century. In it, and elsewhere, Blavatsky laid out the basic floorplan for new world order: immensely powerful psychic ‘masters’ who communicate to their chosen vessels through telepathy, are preparing to bring about a new civilization replacing the suffering and strife and division of our world with a new order of one government, one religion, world peace, and ‘co-operation’. To what end we are meant to be ‘co-operating’ is not always clear with these people. Thankfully, we’re not asked by them to worry about it.

When Blavatski died, she passed the reins to one Annie Besant, whose main contribution seems to be the first attempt by the Luciferians to roll out a prepacked messiah. I mentioned Jiddu Krishnamurti before, but I neglected to mention that according to the Theosophical society, the then-young boy was the reincarnation of Christ. It was this claim that led Rudolph Steiner, along with most of the German section of the society, to hit the road and never look back.

Another one of Theosophy’s early principal students was Alice Bailey, who took the Lucifer motif even farther, forming the Lucifer, later Lucis, Trust, which began as a glorified publishing house but now enjoys a consulting seat at the united nations, and has become connected to pretty much every globalist institution you care to name. The song remains the same, but they’ve implemented charitable and educational projects to prepare the way for the ‘externalised hierarchy’ of spiritual masters who are waiting in the wings, at the same time they work to undermine and eliminate ‘dogmatic’ forms of theology, like Christianity and Islam. Although I suppose I ought to be happy they considered Buddhism malleable enough to rip off wholesale, since from this point on the project takes the name ‘The Age of Maitreya’, although they are never shy about glorifying Lucifer, of course.

With me so far? Cause this is where it gets a bit heavy. If you haven’t seen it already, go here and scroll down to watch a documentary called the Money Masters. In it you’ll get a nice overview of how banking syndicates have spent at least the last couple hundred years working to undermine sovereign states and debt-leverage all the world’s governments into a one world system with mega rich unaccountable heirarchs at the helm. To be fair, these folks, such as the Rockefeller family are especially generous and committed to philanthropy. It seems you can only buy a peaceful and pliable society up to point, before you have to resort to the soft sell. What is one to do? Oh dear!

I can only think of Cornell West, and his injunction to never confuse charity with justice.

What’s this to do with Lucifer? Well, David Rockefeller, architect of the Trilateral Commission, took under his wing a boy named Maurice, who grew up to be the socialist power broker from hell. Maurice eventually went on to be director of the Temple of Understanding whose board includes a whole host influential muckety-mucks who jointly sit on the board of the Trilateral Commission . And in case it weren’t obvious from Maurice’s esoteric credentials, The Temple of Understanding is another front for, that’s right, the Lucis Trust.

The things these people are prepared to talk about and bandy about are really astonishing:

World Goodwill ( another Lucis Front ) ‘Founded in 1932, the organization is recognized by the United Nations today as an NGO. Ever since the dropping of the atomic bomb (which is seen by these kooks as a spiritual manifestation of Luciferian light), Lucis Trust has sought to give the U.N. a monopoly over nuclear weapons with which to impose a “one world federalist empire” upon sovereign nations. ‘

So, we can be reasonably sure the Luciferian Project aint nickel and dime, at least…

And since I want to keep this short, I won’t even go into another apple who hasn’t fallen far from the tree at all.

I cannot help but be stunned almost speechless by how utterly vapid and saccharine these fairy tales are. Even if it were true, which it may be to some limited extent, it nevertheless is perhaps the most bloodless parody of true wisdom teachings I have ever seen. Stand back and have all the world’s problems solved for you! Marvel at our psychic powers and advanced technology! Forget all the hard work and discipline your prophets have taught you for time immemorial, it’s not necessary! Step right this way into the World of Light ™! Peace, order and co-operation on a silver platter, and all you have to do is show up on bended knee, and forget about all that pesky free will and critical thinking, cause humanity is obviously too infantile to handle it anyway.

In a metaphysical sense history begins to remind one of the globalist debt leverage scheme: give away cheap, easy power, that we haven’t got the wisdom to use properly, and when the world is on the verge of bankruptcy from environmental, energy and population problems, the Lucifer Project comes in with the long promised bailout where they just happen to end up owning everything. Meanwhile all the starving benighted masses are only too happy to give away spiritual authenticity and maturity for a permanent childhood in Lucifer’s holographic heaven. Stunted children with all the toys we could ever want forever and ever…

sign me up… not.

And as we will see, compared to the Ahrimanics, these are the good guys.


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