To fight the Empire is to be infected by its derangement. This is a paradox: whoever defeats a segment of the Empire becomes the Empire; it proliferates like a virus, imposing its form on its enemies. Thereby it becomes its enemies.

This will probably be the most ambitious series of articles so far for me, tying together as it does a whole wealth of material both new and old to me and to AB
The theme is very much in keeping with the Dick quote above, and hopefully the end result will be illuminating. Along the way we’ll check in with Islamic fundamentalism,and how it relates to the controversial ‘traditionalists’. With Julius Evola, El Duce, Hitler, the real meaning of ‘luciferianism’, Rudolph Steiner, Alien Archons, and my favorite whipping boy, the would be messiah “maitreya”. But since it’s topical, we’ll start with Al Qaeda, and Sayyid Qutb.

if you haven’t had a chance to watch The Power of Nightmares yet, go here since BBC seems to be having some ‘trouble’ with theirs. This’ll give you a nice intro to Qutb, and his reasons for disdaining the modern west.

Qutb is not identified as a ‘traditionalist’ as such by scholars, but it’s clear his motivations were very much in line with his precursors in Europe. In his own way, filtered through his own prejudices, Qutb saw very clearly the crass, materialist, superficial aspects of modern western culture. These days we tend to take this critique of western culture more seriously, so it’s not hard to imagine that Qtub saw the possibility of reality tv, ‘shock and awe’, cultural and moral decay, and spiritual vacuity, that while shocking to the 1950’s, is now our everyday reality. Indeed it is not hard to imagine Qutb saw all the horrors of our archon infested, counter initiate ruled society coming a long way off. We may not agree with his response to it. I know I don’t. But it’s hard to argue with the diagnosis of decay, now that we’ve seen how right he was. Qutb’s conception of Jahiliyya would be familiar to any gnostic. Same false consciousness, different name.

These are all serious questions and we can’t just dismiss the critique of our civilization as the freedom hating rantings of some ‘terrorist’. If we cannot take a critical look at our society, we’re no better than any other dogma cult. We need to ask ourselves if the unfortunate ‘side effects’ of liberal democracy are not really systemic features built in by the same old ruling class who claim we’re all ‘equal’ in the eyes of the law. A ruling class which only differs from the old in that they no longer have any social contract making them responsible for the poor. That, and they’ve managed to generate a more spiritually bereft, and materialistic society than ever before.

So perhaps we can make some allowances for old Qutb wanting to inspire the people to overthrow their unjust rulers. For wanting political authority tied to spiritual authority. Especially since his primary bugaboo was the CIA backed Gamal Abdel Nasser in Egypt.

It seems his time in jail radicalized Qutb’s politics somewhat, and that’s a theme we’ll see again. An intellectual critique colored by the dirty dealings of fascists, spooks and torturers. It’s hardly suprising that being smeared in fat and stuck in a cage with savage dogs would inspire Qutb to violence. It’s an unfortunate flaw in much conservative/traditional thinking that when lacking a compass in perennial wisdom, it often slides easily to reactionary conservatism, or outright fascism. Why that might be, we’ll discuss later.

Shortly before his execution, Qutb was able to inspire Ayman Zawahiri who was to become mentor to none other than Osama bin Laden. By that time, the desire to inspire a political vanguard became the pretext to murder the civilians that were originally supposed to be liberated from ‘false consciousness’.

The rest of the story is old news to the parapolitical crowd by now. Afghanis, CIA, false flag terror, pakistani ISI, manufactured terror events. 911, and now July 7 2005.

So, while it may seem alien to us now, and far removed, when we see Secret organization Group of al-Qaeda in Europe. We’re really seeing a critique of the empire, one of many, infected with that same derangement.


9 thoughts on “Infectious Derangements- part I

  1. i’d like to get into this blog, but i can’t quite do it. you should start using a spell-checker. you present yourself as a writer, but how can we take you seriously with so many errors?

  2. ahh..the truth hurts.

    I didn’t realise spelling was such a stumbling block for some people.I always thought my rushed two finger typing was charming in it’s eccentricity.

    ah well. more work for me. heard and understood.

    don’t say i never did nothin for ya.

    but seriously I appreciate you pointing that out. I’m wondering whether or not I’m trying to push the stuff out too fast and it’s getting sloppy to the point where it isn’t just charming anymore lol. the ideas come rather fast, and my enthusiam outweighs my critical oversight occasionally. Now that we’re getting into some more heavliy researched areas. I hope the studio audience will bear with me.

  3. I for one could care less about spelling.

    As for this post, I see where you are coming from. I am curious to understand why/how our modern world is experiencing “cultural and moral decay, and spiritual vacuity” keeping in mind that decay implies a previous time when things were “better” I certainly concede that there is plenty of room for improvement, but it also seems to me that things are improving albeit not always in a smooth and comforting manner.

    I’ll scan your past entries to see if you’ve already addressed this issue. Great blog, keep up the good work.

  4. i don’t give a crap about spelling either, as long as the ideas are coming through.

    they do come fast though, don’t they? i have a hard time wrestling even a fraction of what’s going on in my head/heart out into some kind of comprehensible lingual form.

  5. dont let the nitpickers get you down zac, it was a good post. i myself am not inclined to be too sympathetic to qutb – he strikes me as interesting but ultimately bitter, hateful and nihilistic. to equate ‘liberal democracy’ with ’empire’ and ‘spiritual decay’ imo is just wrong.

  6. also i’m not too crazy about the ‘power of nightmares’. its got some good info but it almost seems like cia propaganda. why is clinton lionized? and where’s the heroin? by excising the whole organized crime & honeypot angles, it almost makes it seem like terrorism isn’t real.

    “Islam is less likely to produce a ‘clash of civilizations,’ as Samuel Huntington predicted, than to consolidate mafia-like links between organized crime and the great business networks of global capitalism.”

    -Richard Labeviere, Dollars for Terror: The United States and Islam (2000)

    this strikes me as important to understanding what’s happening, and unfortunately the power of nightmares doesn’t go into it.

  7. I tend to agree it is very partial. What I’m interested in is how neoconservatism, and fundamentalist islam are both rooted in a percieved ‘failure’ of liberlism, much as national socialism was. and since as liberals we tend to equate liberalism with progress, all three tend to fold into a larger critique of the ‘myth of progress’ which folds into a larger view of the traditional cycle.

    my feeling, without spoiling anything really, is that all these things represent a spiraling failure, not so much of any particular historical dynamic, but of the ongoing attempt to maintain an integrated relationship between human beings and their spiritual wellspring. Each swing represents a cascading over-compensation to one pole or other, which really only highlights how we’ve well and truly lost our sense of where the balance point actually is. That’s the underlying ‘derangement’ which to me underpins the ‘counter-initiation’ and what I’m looking to adress.

  8. Who decides what correct spelling is? An authority. Correct spelling impresses people who respect submitting to authority.

    Not that I wouldn’t advocate correct spelling. I try to limit myself to intentional misspellings.

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