Three o’clock in the morning
It’s quiet and there’s no one around
Just the bang and the clatter
As an angel runs to ground
Just the bang And the clatter
As an angel Hits the ground

Up till now, I’ve spent a lot of time talking about some of the mad, bad, nasty unwholesome shit that the forces of the counter-initiation seem to be foisting on us, but I haven’t really delved into the other side of that equation, namely what’s the deal with this whole ‘initiation’ thing.

Most esoteric, occult or religious practice is founded on the premise that human beings have the capacity to evolve to some sort of more refined state, which is considered to be a union with the godhead, or realization of the nondual or whatever you like.

The point being, the underlying theme is the transformation of the being into another state. We just sort of take this for granted without really asking much about what that might mean in concrete terms. Mostly because very few people ever attain such a thing.

I’ll steer clear of any ideological conception and just explore the idea that there’s a lot of room to improve. I’ve spent pretty much my whole life fascinated by the extraordinary things humans are capable of, be they geniuses, savants, skilled artisans, psychics, magicians, scientists, you name it.

And one thing that really really shocks me is how much human beings can do that we simply don’t. All the way from muscles and bones that could be made to lift thousands of pounds, to minds that can recall every detail of every experience they’ve ever been exposed to. From martial artists who can fight a dozen men blindfolded, to remote viewers who can tell you what your house looks like from the other side of the earth. Every single aspect of the human being, from our bodies, to our senses to our emotions, reasoning, or lifespan can be taken to a range so far beyond the average that it staggers the mind.

This is not conjecture. I have seen this, and if you think about it, I’m sure you have to, to some extent.

Now if we think about this at all we say something like we only use 10% of our brains, or that we’re evolving beings or we have lots of ‘potential’ whatever that means.

We say these things without really considering that nothing else in nature works that way. Nature doesn’t work on the basis of ‘untapped potential’. Nature is to a large extent about adaptation and optimization. survival pressures. Under circumstances like that, creatures that have untapped potentials and don’t use them die. And yet… Here we are. Creatures with abilities that are literally orders of magnitude beyond what we actually use, and we sort of dismiss it as if it were trivial. We don’t die, we sort of limp along in lives that aren’t really all that satisfying by and large, and we have to have prophets and geniuses come along to smack us out of complacency.

What confuses me is: Where did all this stuff come from? I mean, I know there are tons of unresolved questions about how humans got to even be what we are now, but how is it that we have this huge resevoir of untapped ablility? Not only that, but it’s abundantly clear that in the past, people used a lot more of it than they do now. Most of the formative work on yoga, or martial arts or metaphysics and spiritual growth, was done so long ago it borders on prehistory. Not only that but it seems that in the dim past people also lived longer, if the oldest texts are any indication.

The implication seems to be that human beings now are very pale shadows of what they once were. Pretty much every culture talks about this. Human beings are a ‘fallen’ race. And while the way back to the exalted state exists, it is a long, hazardous and difficult road. We are working against millennia of cultural and spiritual decline. It’s hard to deny this. For the most part the highest examples of human development that we know of are products of training and knowledge that seems very far away from us now. The authentic transmission of something essential, not only to our spiritual growth, but to our full expression as physical and mental beings, has suffered greatly. It has faded in such small increments that as a race it has only barely been noticed by us.

We are the stunted, crippled and blinded children of the progenitors who struggled to bring forth that transmission in the first place.

This transmission, or the latin tradios, is the core of what we mean here by initiation, and it is what we shall always struggle to preserve and recover. This is the gift of countless generations that struggled and died to preserve that legacy for us today, in the face of the acts of endless liars, thieves , murderers, and traitors to all souls everywhere.

When you’re admiring the achievements of someone you think you can never match, think about that… THINK about what your ancestors suffered so that we could drag our withered wings behind us and lie down for the likes of the petty thieves and pederasts who rule our world, largely through our default of authority to them.

2 thoughts on “Fallen to Earth

  1. Muscles unused atrophy. Brain cells of babies that are unused within the first six months die out.

    Our culture has trained us to be a certain way from birth. Our myths and mores and our TV “programming” were getting at us before we ever went to school. When we got to public school (designed in the late 19th century to produce ideal factory workers), they trained us to drop everything on the hour at the sound of the bell, and go on to do something completely different, forgetting what we learned the period beforehand.

    Thus we were programmed to have a short attention span, to work on a schedule of the whistle or bell. We were trained to be powerless, always waiting on Teacher to give us the right answer, instead of being taught to figure it out for ourselves with a few hints. We were trained more than anything to rely on authority, an appointed judge and professional protectors, and told not to defend ourselves at a moment of crisis, turning us into a nation of potential victims.

    Meanwhile, the kids whose parents could afford it got sent to school where they studied the classics from an early age, studying the Trivium, learning to think for themselves… but simultaneously indocrinated into the class struggle by their parents who knew the score.

    You don’t get an education in Public School. You get social training and a rudimentary skills package to prepare you should you wish to go to college and get indocrinated. Education is a side-effect in our culture, and not an encouraged one. People that don’t remember what happened before the last commercial break are easier to control; they don’t remember enough to connect the dots.

    But they’re real easy to turn into a badass, unfeeling machine whose hands don’t know what the feet are doing when you need a mob of factory drones… or an army of conscripts.

    The structure of our nation’s education system was designed by the Prussians to make a better German army for WWI, following embarrassing defeats in the late 1800s. Ever wonder where we get the word “kindergarten”?

  2. zac.. i agree 500%. it’s so puzzling and frustrating.. i look around me i just get swallowed up by this desire to rediscover that authentic human “speicalness” with which the ancients were seemingly so much more in tune.

    there’s a very deep and fundamental part of me that KNOWS beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are capable of going above and beyond our own wildest dreams. what’s discouraging is the feeling that i can’t do it alone, that i need others who are as excited and inspired and hopeful as i am — i need the momentum of shared dreams, shared knowing, shared commitment to greatness.

    it’s really the only thing that interests me. all my cares and curiosities always come back to exactly this issue.

    we’ve been given so much — i want to use it, i want to experience it so that i can know that it as myself.

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