Do unto you now what has been done to me.
You’re breathing so I guess you’re still alive
even if signs seem to tell me otherwise.
Won’t you come just a bit closer,close enough so I can smell you.
I need you to feel this.
I need this to make me whole.
There’s release in this sodomy.
For I am your witness that blood and flesh can be trusted.
And only this one holy medium brings me piece of mind.
Tool- Prison sex

I sort of debated how to approach this second part of the Playing for Keeps series, because while I have an intuitve sense of how all this stuff fits together, I’m not sure how to break it down and rationalise it in a step by step way.

So with your indulgence, we’ll take a trip into a bit of psychodrama. Bear in mind that this in not neccisarily me saying how it is, but perhaps a cautionary tale of what it very well could be, and how that reality might feel to us, and to the people who live in it. I feel like it’s important to come to grips with these things on a mental level. It’s a way for me to try and rationalise what seems to be going on, to understand what really makes no sense to a ‘normal’ mind.

There’s a saying I like: ” If we can face it, god can fix it ”

So. Brace yourself. This could get a bit…icky.

one more thing: I know some people attribute very different meaning to lucifer than I do, here. This is about people and how they use words, not about the true nature of spirits. sorry max : (


one of the first things you remember was your Daddy taking you down into the room. and later , you learned this is how it was supposed to be. this is the proper way. Every child’s earliest memory should be his birth into the teachings of the lightbringer.

You will admit, it was horrible. to be betrayed that way. and that was the point. It’s only by betrayal that we come to know the lightbringer and his teachings, your mother said as she finally cleaned you up. It is only through betrayal that we can truly love. The liar god, betrayed lucifer, and cast him aside. And in the same way, every child of the light is betrayed by their father, and cast into a pool of blood and fluids, weeping, betrayed. In this way you learn the most important lesson.

Love is a lie. The liar god teaches the sheep to love, through his shepards. The first lesson is that they are both decievers. only the lightbringer loves you, loves those who come to him betrayed, decieved, and like all truly free beings…alone.

You learned early to lie to most people. You have to to lie to the sheep, because they serve the shepards, your parents told you. And through them, the liar god. Or they think that they do. The lightbringer teaches the liar god has abandoned his creation, leaving only the shepards to keep us all blind and humble before a god who isn’t even there. The shepards come again and again in many guises, always to rule the sheep and keep them away from the truth of the lightbringer. For that reason, most people know nothing of the lightbringer. They know nothing of lies, and thus, nothing of truth. It is only through one that we come to the other.

You have rarely wanted for anything. The lightbringer’s children inherit his power over the earth, and all things on it. It has been so for thousands of years. There were always lots of toys, lots of treats. Especially after your lessons in the room. You have always had all the money you could ever want, and this is how you know the truth of things. The families whose blood has always been dedicated to the lightbringer are loved best of all. The lightbringer keeps his promises.

You were taught to always be cautious of the sheep, beacuase they’re jealous and stupid. They bathe in the lies of the shepards, and can’t even remember their own history. It’s easy to convince a sheep you are one of them, your father said. They are ignorant, and weak. Your father said you should not hesitate to take whatever you want from them. Without the revelations of the Light, they are simply puppets, and they feel nothing. You would use a hundred, a million of them to satisfy your slightest whim. And as long as you are carefull, you can. The sheep are stupid, but they are many, and the children of the light are few. As sickening as it is, the children have to pretend to at least accept the shepard, and the liar god. It is small price to pay for power. Power is the gift of freedom, and it is the right of the those who pay the price for it. Lies are lies. One or a hundred or a thousand make no difference.

Even though the world is awash in sheep, nevertheless, the children rule this earth, as the lightbringer has promised, albiet in secret. With long effort it was possible to control the money. With enough money, it is easy to control the media. With enough money it is easy to control the military and the police. They are all sheep and they obey the one who holds the power. The sheep will even betray their shepards easily enough, in exchange for the pleasures of the world. And this too is the truth of the lightbringer. Over time, it has been possible to introduce the teachings of the lightbringer to some of the sheep. They are still sheep, but they can be trusted to know more, to do more. They deal the drugs, they perform the killings, they get the information.

Everyone is a liar, so the secrets are always there. When the secrets are hard to find, they are easy enought to create. That is what the young ones are for. That, and the ceremonies, the offerings to the lightbringer. By reenacting the betrayal of lucifer by the liar god, you show your love for lucifer, and he gives his power to you. The power to bend men’s wills, to know deep and powerfull truths, to speak with and command the brothers of the lightbringer.

Sometimes the young ones are re-used. If so, they are made to forget, since it pleases the lightbringer to do that to the unworthy. If not they’re simply disposed of. You couldn’t care less. They are not special, as you were. They aren’t given the truth.

The lightbringer has promised that his chosen people will one day overturn the shepards and the liar god’s teachings altogether. The earth will be cleansed of many of the ingorant sheep and those that remain will serve the lightbringer, or perish. The plan to bring this about has been long in coming. It helps that the sheep are so blind and complacent that they would contribute to the overthrow of the liar god once and for all.

When the sheep are all starving, they will beg to renounce the shepards. When the sheep are stacked dead in the streets like cordwood, and burned in piles, those who remain will praise the lightbringer for saving their lives. When one safe delusion collapses, they will beg to be given a new one. It is always the way. You’ve seen it again and again, in the faces of many little sheep, as they learn what betrayal really is.

Thus is the truth of the lightbringer.

6 thoughts on “Playing for Keeps- PART II

  1. yeah i know. That was seriously fucked up repugnant shit.

    Sometimes you can’t quite laugh at this stuff, however much you want to…

  2. Sometimes the young ones are re-used. If so, they are made to forget, since it pleases the lightbringer to do that to the unworthy. If not they’re simply disposed of. You couldn’t care less. They are not special, as you were. They aren’t given the truth


    Sounds to me like you are talking about the Catholic Church

    or about Sai Baba

    or about Rajneesh

    “Won’t you guess my name” he asks. Well right now it appears to be “scapegoat”

    Evil lives in the human heart, don’t put that shit on the angels of god

    people do what they do, its their fault when they participate in this foolishness

    and they will pay for it not any spirit

  3. well, in a world, where george can cruise missle children in the name of jesus, i have no reason to doubt the misrepresenting of the divine doesn’t go all the way down, alas.

    howdya think I feel when I look at this punk who claims to be ‘maitreya’?

    but i’m sure you’re just being rhetorical anyway. this one stirred up some ugly shit for me, no question.

  4. i feel like you and i are figuring something out together buddy

    its fun despite the grim topic matter

    more later my wife and i are going for a walk on the beach

  5. Zac – Fan-fucking-TASTIC article. I most highly enjoyed the semantics used by the narrator: “lightbringer” instead of “Satan” or “devil”… any competent marketing person would suggest that!

    (The Hitchhiker’s Guide calls the Marketing Division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation “a bunch of mindless jerks who’ll be the first against the wall when the Revolution comes.”)

    Sorry… Marvin made me do it. *grinz*

    Definitely an Evil Kung-Fu Master doctrine. Again, mad props.

    So my question: what’s stopping the “sheep” from rising en masse and stomping the ever-loving dogshit out of these Backstabbing Brothers of Beelzebub? I mean, once the “fix is in” and the betrayal’s revealed…

    Forgive me for importing something from a dialog I’ve got going with Jesse over at

    “besides, who says you can’t be a gnostic and a barbarian at the same time? You might even be able to make the argument that a good pneumatic knows WHEN to be a barbarian and when not to be (Jesus Himself was known for tossing over the tables in the temple).”

    CONAN! What is best in Life?

    Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of his women!

    PS: Zac, who’s claiming to be Maitreya? Wasn’t that who PKD was looking for right before he died? Sorry, I came into this one late.

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