Well, because you picked that place out of a hat, my brother is dead now. And this girl’s entire fucking family is dead.


What were they, psychos?


Did they look like psychos? They were fucking vampires! Psychos don’t EXPLODE when sunlight hits them, I don’t care how crazy they are!

-From Dusk Till Dawn

Have I mentioned how much I appreciate my fellow bloggers? They’re great. Tim is quite clearly some sort of machine. He poses more questions in one day than I would in a month. And he’s got enough people plugged into his site that he can actually make some headway on it. Saves me so much time that I might have to spend making definitions and hashing out points at some time in the future. Lets me concentrate on the big picture. Thank god. I admire Tim’s ravenous curiousity and socratic commitment. My orientation is a bit different. He poses questions. I preffer to share my conclusions, or the process of coming to conclusions anyway.

Max is a delight. It’s so refreshing to see someone who can take a thought of yours and expand on it in ways you couldn’t have anticipated. He’s been such an aide to me so far, although I’m sure he wouldn’t think of it in those terms.

These last two post have been a sort of trial run on bringing some of the harder edge peak-oil conspiracy folk to the table, because I think it’s important to have that more concrete mentality alongside the esoteric and metaphysical crew that seems to form my core audience. There’s another aspect to it as well, but that’ll come in at the end of this missive.

My ranting on about Occam’s razor was sort of setting up a line of thinking that I’ll explore here, which is what I feel are the grave risks to seeking the ‘simplest’ explanation to a situation. That sort of thing is fine in an investigation. You want an answer that fits the facts, that makes sense, that satisifies the need for predictions.

What I have come to think, is that things are coming to a point where we may have to deal with the true intentions of the people who rule this world right now. The time may be coming for everyone to put their cards on the table. In a situation like that, My belief is that we have to make plans based on what is possible, not what is likely.

It’s likely, and therefore, a popular article of faith for many people, for instance, that most of the ruling elites are simply self interested narcissists and criminals. Spoiled children with too much power. They can barely run their own lives, let alone ours. They only succeed because of historical momentum and lots of money. It is likely that most of them have no more idea of what’s going on than we do, and there is no grand conspiracy, only a bunch of secretive gangs who are too shortsighted to avert the coming global catastophe. In the aftermath of the coming global crisis, we’ll just be dealing with the same kind of bullshit we do now, or else they’ll hide under some mountain and leave us alone.

That’s the simplest explanation, and that’s what is likely. Right?

There’s a few problems with that. First of all, it assumes that the rulers of this world are stupid. It assumes that we have a better understanding of what is happening and why, than they do. It assumes that we are hipper, more plugged in, more spiritually advanced, whathaveyou. The whole ‘likely’ scenario is really based on the need to belittle these people, to comfort ourselves into thinking that because we have no control over what’s going on, neither does anyone else. We need to feel smarter, more spiritual, morally superior, to the guys who make things what they are.

It may be that just as we all feel things have gotten as bad as they can get, that we’ll get to see the masks really drop.

And that’s when we might find we’ve been training for a much different game than the one we’re going to end up playing.


6 thoughts on “Playing for Keeps part I

  1. These last two post have been a sort of trial run on bringing some of the harder edge peak-oil conspiracy folk to the table, because I think it’s important to have that more concrete mentality alongside the esoteric and metaphysical crew that seems to form my core audience.

    Actually, peak oil (as well as environmental collapse and the American march towards fascism) is the reason I participate in thes conversations. I don’t really care much about metaphysical hair-splitting. What I really want to figure out is how to survive the next 20 years in a meaningful way.

  2. Can;t say that I care too much for the hair splitting either slomo. I tend to come down on the ineffible side of things, but it helps to be able to talk about something to establish rapport and all that…

    and yeah, I’m interested in how exactly we’re gonna get through the narrow neck myself, in case it weren’t obvious.

    I’m sort of getting around to what might well be standing on that bridge when we come to it.

  3. Well, whaddya thinks going on here buddy.

    Emperor Palpatine or simply short-sightedness?

    Do evil kung fu masters exist or not?

    If they do then what is their agenda?

    Mass traumatic programming, ahrimanic signal-scrambling, economic slavery, “They Live” style colonialism, altering the atmosphere, what?

  4. “There’s a few problems with that. First of all, it assumes that the rulers of this world are stupid… We need to feel smarter, more spiritual, morally superior, to the guys who make things what they are.”

    On the contrary, we probably ARE more spiritually advanced, or psychologically evolved than some, or maybe even most, of these Elite, because we’ve experienced more positive dissonance than they get exposed to for the most part. Money and power are good insulators from reality’s School of Hard Knocks.

    Then again, money and power make a good base for indocrinating these sorts of “conspiracists” in official hypocracy and cruelty from birth, the people that might implement these world strategies and maintain perfect “masks” in public to hide true intentions. However, in today’s proliferation of data through various media, including the Blogosphere, it gets increasingly hard to hide the edge of any particular mask, especially with disgruntled individuals, ex-cogs in the machine, ready to explain their perspective of a part of a mask for us in an exclusive interview.

    Remember always that the Elite work against each other as much as against us meddlesome outsiders… but they’re united against us, and we are intentionally fractured along many lines (race, religion, sex, class) in the old divide and conquer gambit. It’s time to turn the tables.

    Practical considerations for “surviving” the narrow neck of a global upheaval: there aren’t enough troops in the First World to hold the mess down should there be a from-the-ground-up Rebellion (as opposed to a coup or a Revolution that’s just switching heads on a body). Rule Number One: dodge the coming draft and don’t feed the problem.

    Rule Number Two: if they try to sidestep the whole lack of troops problem and just start NUKING everything, get away from strategic targets if possible, plan escape routes, and get a micron-filter water purifier and stock up on filters. You won’t need much ammo: there’ll be too many potential targets in the chaos to fight. Just get the hell out of there.

    Should the whole system lose legitimacy in the eyes of the public, it WILL fall on its face, on the basis of that historical momentum hitting the new reality, just like a fatass jogger who finds his shoelaces suddenly tied together. It’s how we pick ourselves up after such a catastrophe that matters, not how we fall.

    Just considering the inherent decentralization of a global Rebellion, the ratios of population involved (about one cop, two soldiers, and seven or eight government civilian employees per hundred Americans), and the sheer righteousness of such a movement… it would make Iraq look downright STABLE. Remember that the Elite comprise less than one percent of America, and their runner-up buffer-rich (not even CLOSE to being as rich as the real deal) are just nine percent or so. That leaves upwards of 80% of America alone in the middle; spread out over the entire continent, to choose which voices make more sense.

    If the Elite’s support in the rank and file of the military and police (and heavens forbid, the corporate sector) dissolve as the voices of truth begin to be heard and echoed by the people, and the very soldiers and cops themselves start demanding reforms, it’s all over for the Elite, money and power be damned. If it happens everywhere in the First World, America and Europe and Japan, the Elite will have nowhere to go, no mountain to hide under. You think they’ll find a haven in Sub Saharan Africa or the Middle East?

    No. They’ll be forced to come to the negotiating table, to attempt to save whatever shred of their empire they can. They must be dealt with firmly, justly, and with mangnanimity. No appeasement of barbarians who revel in slaughter. No compromise with back-stabbing hypocrites. Humble them, but do not destroy them. Otherwise, you kill the Devil and merely replace him with another.

    The one thing that you need to know about the Elite is that they’re scared, scared SHITLESS of us poor ignorant, meddlesome outsiders. You can see it in everything Bush does, in the glint in his eyes when he makes another Orwellian double-speech about tyrrany and freedom. They’re terrified that we’ll call their bluff.

    Cards down, suckers. Time to see who’s real.


  5. an interesting quote from Rudolf Steiner’s [i]Fall of the Spirits of Darkness[/i]:

    [i]”One of these things and it will assert itself most powerfully is the guiding or directing of men more deeply in line with occult principles than has ever before been possible. It lies in the general character of evolution that during this Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch, certain conditions connected with the exercise of power, of influence, must pass into the hands of small groups who will wield great power over other, large masses of people.

    A certain section of public opinion vehemently resists this trend; nevertheless it will assert itself and for the following reason. During the Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch, simply because of inner maturity and evolutionary necessity, a large portion of humanity will unfold certain spiritual faculties, a certain natural capacity to see into the spiritual world. This portion of humanity, which will indeed provide the best foundation for the future Sixth Post-Atlantean epoch this portion of humanity, while in process of preparation during the Fifth epoch, will show little inclination to be actively concerned with the affairs of the physical plane. Such men will have little interest in physical affairs and will be engrossed in ennobling the life of soul, in regulating certain matters connected with the spiritual life. And because of this, others less spiritually inclined will be able to seize for themselves certain factors connected with the exercise of power to get them into their own hands.”[/i]

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