Well first of all a major hats off to rev at enemies. it’s been utterly fascinating to watch him grapple with some of the questions I’ve posed here, and he’s an excelent example of how to walk the left hand path in a rightious way.

That said, I feel like maybe it’s time to dispell some confusion about my stance on certain things, and maybe spell out some of my intent of what AB is supposed to be about, because make no mistake there is a very clear purpose here. I don’t think it’s beneficial to dot every I and cross every T because that keeps guys like rev from filling in the blanks in an ideosyncratic way and robs them of that chance to grow a bit. But I see I’m spending a fair bit of time correcting people who are misreading what my position or backround is and that costs me time and them time which could be better spent contemplating what I say, rather than examining my intent.

So with out further pagentry here’s the scoop on zac for the puposes of AB

* I am currently a buddhist. I have recently taken my vows as a disciple of my order, which basicly makes me a novice monk. Thankfully the order is fairly liberal so I get to keep my girlfriend, and I can get away with swearing a lot if it serves a purpose. Basically as long as I’m not murdering people and shooting smack in class, it’s all good. For health reasons and personal prefference I no longer do any drugs, try not to swear or lie if I can help it and maintain a monogomous realtionship with my lovely girl, Alaina.

* I have in the past and still do entertain deep afffection for the occult in all forms. Buddhism as I know it is the ultimate anti-dogma, so there are no off limits areas of inquiry for me and never have been. I have done shamanic drugs, practiced chaos magick, and studied hermetic and crowleyan sorcery, kabbalah, yoga, chi kung, and at least looked at every major religion and most of the minor ones.

* I have practiced the martial arts for several years now. I hold a dan rank in the Bujinkan system and my buddhist teacher has been sharing a brand of indonesian wu kung with me for a few years now as well.

* I consider myself firmly in the perrenial tradition, which means that I agree that most of the major religions draw on the same core ideas and experiences and that there is only one godhead, with many manifestations. In this regard I am firmly in the camp of Ken Wilber, spiral dynamics and the integral current of spirituality.

* I have recently come to examine traditionalist ideas relating to cyclical time and the related conception of ages in degeneration. Partly this is a way to explain the contradiction between the observed truth that individual humans do evolve spiritualy, but most don’t get far, and the apparent fact that society and the spiritual order of the world is in worse shape than it has ever been.

* As a way of understanding the prior point, as well as observed events in the material world, I have come to at least provisionally accept the counter-initiation thesis of Rene Guenon. My current working theory is the energy of the goodhead descending into the world is like a very long wave form and that the peaks form the great spiritual highs of our history, while the troughs result in a closing down of spiritual awareness and a resulting degeneration of human civilisation which seems to occur in a cyclical fashion.

* As both a side effect, and contributing factor to this cycle, I am quite convinced at this stage that the decline of spiritual force in the world manifests as a malignant corruptive current of counter-initiates who seem to thrive in the environment of degeneration. While I believe that god encompasses all, and there is no true dualism, in practice these darkside adepts are ‘against’ the manifestation of the godhead consciousness on earth, and in that way help drive the cyclical nature of human time. These would be your ‘Archons’ your ‘left-hand’ perverts and murderers, and institutional corruptors and purveyors of false consciousness of every stripe. Examining the nature of these creatures is one of my primary foci, as should be obvious by now.

* While I believe the ultimate nature of the godhead is unconditional love and infinite light, there are a multitude of lower order entities and forces that for all intents and purposes are ‘morally neutral’ at the very least and perhaps even outright malevolent. I would regard all these entities as ultimately outside the comprehension of human morality and their fuctioning is more likely analogous to an ecosystem of checks and balances, which we can choose to interpret in a moral or ethical way.

* I am firmly commited to the manifestation of the godhead consciousness on earth, which places me totally and irrevocably in opposition to the counter-intiatory current, while at the same time I realise that we are both the workings of the same system and that in all likelihood it is just a game on the way to true enlightenment. Alchemical Braindamage proceeds from that premise.

There’s a lot more to my particular picture, but I wouldn’t want to spoil anything unneccisarily.

now that I’ve found my feet, and completed the housekeeping chores, the best is yet to come, after all…

4 thoughts on “Alchemical Braindamage for begginers

  1. Zac, thanks for your clarifications (although, I think for me this post was just fleshing out some details on a framework I already had guessed).

    My central question and purpose, and my reason for reading this blog and some of the other related blogs, is one of action. What does one do in the current climate?

    I realize that doing leans one towards a left-hand path and that in many Buddhist interpretations an obsession with action is counterproductive. Nevertheless, my current situation is that I’m alive, and therefore have a responsibility to use my life force in a way that serves the godhead and yet is consistent with the gifts (and limitations) that the godhead has bestowed upon me. Even if the correct action is to do nothing, one has to go through a process to discern this. I feel that there is so much noise, both external and internal, it is very difficult even to figure this out.

  2. I think the idea that buddhism or any ‘right-hand’ path for that matter condones inaction is probably a misinterpretation of the original intent.

    the buddha was very clear on more than one occasion that inaction will not alleviate negative karma, only changing one’s veiws and actions accordingly.

    he was very much in favor of interaction between his disciples and the community and the monastic system as we know it now is a total departure from gotamas original intent.

    my earlier post on Evola and the western tradition is also very much in the spirit of the buddhist attitude on correct action. That’s part of the reason I posted it, in spite of my caution towards Evola.

    let’s not forget that the samurai were buddhists, after all…

  3. Speaking of action and inaction this works for me but may not work for anyone else an I hope zach doesn’t mind if I repost it here:

    “Those who are truly alive are kindly and unsuspecting in their human relationships and consequently endangered under present conditions. They assume that others think and act generously, kindly, and helpfully, in accordance with the laws of life. This natural attitude, fundamental to healthy children as well as to primitive man, inevitably represents a great danger in the struggle for a rational way of life as long as the emotional plague subsists, because the plague-ridden impute their own manner of thinking and acting to their fellow men. A kindly man believes that all men are kindly, while one infected with the plague believes that all men lie and cheat and are hungry for power. In such a situation the living are at an obvious disadvantage. When they give to the plague-ridden, they are sucked dry, then ridiculed or betrayed.”

    It is high time for the living to get tough, for toughness is indispensable in the struggle to safeguard and develop the life-force; this will not detract from their goodness, as long as they stand courageously by the truth. . . . Anyone who wants to safeguard the life-force from the emotional plague must learn to make at least as much use of the right of free speech that we enjoy in America for good ends as the emotional plague does for evil ones. Granted equal opportunity for expression, rationality is bound to win out in the end. That is our great hope.”

    Wilhelm Reich, Listen Little Man

  4. I’ve been listening to your podcast so I decided to look through your archives. Given the gap between 2002 and 2005, I don’t know much about you. 🙂

    I see you mention Bujinkan and Buddhism a lot. While only a recenter (re)convert to Aikido (I had done some other Japanese arts over a decade ago for a few years), my teacher’s teacher in Buddhism was, until recently at least, highly placed within the whole Bujinkan “Ninja” crowd as he is Stephen Hayes. This makes me wonder what form of esoteric Buddhism you practice.

    I’m on the West Coast and have a background in Tibetan Vajrayana (as well as being an ex-pagan, ex-Hermeticist and current OTO member). I’m currently a student of Tendai Buddhism and expect to take ordination as a priest eventually. Right now, I’ve gone through Jukai and taken the pratimoksa vows.

    Feel free to e-mail me if you’d like to chat at all.

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