Well golly. I had originally planned to spend another day or two discussing some of the higher possiblities, before jumping back into the the cesspit of counter-initiation, but in the Interview with Kathleen Sullivan (Part Four) Jeff Wells dragged my attention back to something, to someone in particular that I’m not sure I can ignore any further.

They’re calling him Maitreya. Which in case you didn’t know is the term for a prophecised future buddha who will save mankind. Even as a buddhist I’m not sure it’s a concept I subscribe to, as some reading indicates that it’s more of a mythology added on to the dharma, rather than anything that needs paying attention to, so that’s a warning bell for me.

Now Jeff treated this guy pretty extensively in The “Day of Declaration” and I recommend you read that now and come back, because I’m not going to recap all of that here.

The upshot is this: it seems the Theosophical Society ( which Rene Guenon pointed out almost immediately as a psuedo tradtion, and very bad news )and some of it’s side branches and offshoots, eventually mutated into things like the Lucis Trust, and inspired this dude Benjamin Creme, who purports to be Maitreya’s representative, even though he’s never met him.

What gets my hackles up about these people is not their ‘teachings’ , because they’ve obviously and blatantly ripped that from legitamate sources. Hell Maitryea claims to be Jesus Christ. No, they’re very carefull to avoid offending or turning off anyone. I actually paged through one of the books Creme wrote about Maitreya, and turned right away to the pages where there’s a discussion of his actual teachings . You know what he says? That everyone who has a faith right now ought to keep doing what they’re doing. Well damn. It’s a good thing Christ took the trouble to reappear to let me know I oughtta keep it up. That’s a relief.

That section on ‘teachings’ runs about 11 pages. The rest of the book, and I see there are at least three books in a set on Maitreya’s message, deal with things like space brothers, global energy, earth changes, and psychic powers.

Are you getting scared yet? Maitreya is promising to make himself known to us when the time is right through an immense display of psychic power, and after dissolving our current civilisation, will institute one based on free energy , global unity, one world government, one world church, and the love of the space brothers and all this other shit…

Now in case we’re not paying too close attention so far let me spell out what it is that gives me the heebies in regard to this would-be avatar, or descent of the divine force:

1) Avatars do not come in response to social and political, or even ecological crises. Their function is to reinvigorate the traditional wisdom, and deal with the spiritual sickness of mankind. Politics, energy, and social bullshit are our problem, not thiers. Once you fully grasp the traditional teachings the other stuff falls into place, not the other way around.

2) There has already been an Avatar for this age, and he spoke on world unity too, but in a very different way than Maitreya did. His name is Bahaiulla and the Bahai faith has been around for over a century now. I defy anyone to compare a book on bahai teachings to some of Maitreya’s bs and tell me who is the real servant of god.3) The whole scam is based on psychic powers. This schtick goes all the way back to the original theosophical society. Blavatsky would sway people with parlour tricks to draw attention from the fact her teachings were lukewarm rehashings of the perrenial wisdom. Maitreya and Creme take it to to a whole ‘nother level though. Everywhere you look, telepathy, visions, preminitions, auras, astral travel, ascended masters…the whole kit and kaboodle.

There’s nothing divine about psychic powers, kids. Anyone can get them, and lots of people do. I’ve spent a lot of time explaining why you ought to be suspicous of anyone who wants to show off power. And particularly anyone who bases their so-called message on the uses of those powers. Swaying someone to the traditional wisdom through the use of siddha powers is categorically a perversion and the wrong path.

I could go on and on, and at some point I probably will. I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more of these guys in the near future, and I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Steven Lagavulin has been putting this stuff in the correct context for quite a while now both in deconsumption: Timely Tidbits…
The Concept of Counter-Initiation in Traditional Knowledge which, in case you hadn’t guessed already was the principal inspiration for this blog in the first place.

and which, in case you hadn’t guessed already was the principal inspiration for this blog in the first place.I will leave you for the moment with a quote from Rene Guenon which Steven used in the latter article. I can’t make it any clearer than this:

For this purpose, the part to be played by the “counter-initiation” must again be referred to: after having worked always in the shadow to inspire and direct invisibly all modern movements, it will in the end contrive to “exteriorize”, if that is the right word, something that will be as it were the counterpart of a true tradition, at least as completely and as exactly as it can be so within the limitations necessarily inherent in all possible counterfeits as such….the “counter-tradition”, however far it carries the imitation, will never succeed in being anything but a parody, but it will be the most extreme and the most gigantic of all parodies, and we have only so far seen, despite all the falsification of the modern world, some very partial “trials” and some very pale “prefigurations” of it; something much more formidable is in preparation for a future considered by some to be near, and the growing rapidity of the succession of events today is an indication of its proximity.

and don’t worry. I’m not done with these cheap liars. Not by a long shot.


6 thoughts on “The False Return

  1. Great stuff here. I found you via Rigorous Intuition. Kudos to the reference to Baha’u’llah and Bahaism — one of the most sane spiritual traditions I’ve encountered (via Guy Murchie’s superb “The 7 Mysteries of Life”).

    Keep it up.


  2. i don’t have the energy to get into guenon but apparently he was also part of that same weird far-right world of secret societies, fascists, and debased ‘ecstatic mystery schools’ as evola.

    my understanding of the ‘future buddha’ maitreya in buddhism is that he was prophesied to be an ‘ascended’ bodhisattva, which may explain how the name has become associated with divine chariot or throne myths (a la ezekiel or enoch) in various newage/ufo circles, even aside from creme et al. for example i believe rael of the raelians also declared that he was ‘maitreya’.

  3. I am loving the crap out of your website. You share an interest in all things religious, and am pleased at how highly you regard Wilber. I share a strong interest in Spiral Dynamics as well, and I am pretty positive it is key to dispelling some the spiritual messes we cause on earth.

    My email:

    Find me at http://homoplasmate.blogspot.com
    and be sure to visit all the blog links on the left hand side.

    Seeing your interests in Alchemy and esoteric Buddhism, I would be honored to list you as a Gnostic blog on my page.


  4. btw you mentioned blavatsky – iirc one of her ‘ascended masters’ was also a ‘maitreya.’ i’ve heard from several sources that when blavatsky’s psychic juices were running low, she was not above forging a ‘channeled’ letter or staging phony ‘occult’ effects at a seance to impress the credulous. so that elistist fascist fuckwad guenon was right about one thing anyhow.

  5. well part of the point is that blavatski/lucistrust/maitreya/spacebrothers all seem to run together.

    and we can at least be somewhat gratefull that blavatski never stooped to juicing up on torture and sacrifice. not that we know of.

    which gives me the SCREAMING HEEBIES to wonder how Creme is getting the juice to pull all the stunts that he does.

    And yeah, I hear you vis a vis Guenon. I’m sure I’ve probably read most of what you have on the topic. maybe we ought to leave the difference at that. I promise to open a topic on the tradtionalist school and it’s own possible degeneration at some point in the future. I’ll be happy to hash out the details then. For now I’m happy to take what rings true from them and ignore the rest.

    discernment is the gift of human reason.

  6. and thank you sparkwidget, for your kind words. I am all about the wilber goodness, my friend. brother ken pulled me out of some very dark places, andhelped me get my head on straight again.

    I think you’ll be suprised at the picture that emerges when wilber meets guenon and evola, and they allrun headlong into the emerald tablets of hermes.

    and your girlfriend is defintely the flyest 😉

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