Another spot on and very topical post over at RI today:Dick Cheney’s Acid House . Every time you look, poor Dick is having to get his ticker serviced.
Jeff Wells takes the tack that Cheney is is a malignant doctor dosing us all with a hallucinogenic reality. I would take that as a given. What interests me is his illness.

In the the study of the esoteric and occult, particularly branches of energy or mind/body medicine, it is taken as a first premise that the mind holds sway over the body, that the sicknessess of the spirit eventually will manifest in the body.

I don’t think it can be argued that the neocon regime has itself plugged into some pretty esoteric teachings. We’ve heard much of how the neocons ‘create their own reality’ and while that phrase gets abused quite a bit in occult circles, there is some truth to it.

What a lot of people overlook is that the fundamental premises of the ancient alchemists and sorcerors have mutated into the methods of modern day spin doctors and mind scientists. The ritual banishings of the occultist are partly meant to help him secure his hold on a shifting sense of reality. A ‘summoning’ is in part meant to extend that reach by drawing new elements into the circle of what others take for granted as static reality.

This idea in it’s essence is what creates a sorceror: the knowledge that reality is truly plastic. It is malleable. The tools you use to act on that knowledge are manifold, and to get back to the point, some are more strenuous than others.

Now, there is big difference between esoteric work undertaken for the purpose of spiritual illumination, and magick undertaken to feed your ego. Steven over at deconsumptions treats this subject very well in ‘ Commentary by Idries Shah on the Understanding of Miracles and Magic in the Sufi Tradition ‘.

In short, the sorceror is beneficiary of a certain kind of knowledge, but in order to power the acts of his will he must take recourse to ever more intense emotional energies. And why? Simply put, if your purpose does not coincide with the will of god, you aren’t going to get any help from god. In that instance the only energy left to you is the juice most of us know very well: anger, fear, ecstacy, lust, pleasure.

Seems easy enought right? Juice up your emotions and get what you want. But there is a problem, and any doctor will tell you this: stress isn’t good for you. raises your blood pressure something awfull. And believe me, there’s a difference between cheering at a football game, and ritualisticly raping small children.

From a more esoteric perspective, there’s another aspect to it: there’s certain energies human beings , at least normal human beings, aren’t built for. We aren’t designed to push the kind of juice god uses to perform miracles. Saints and highly accomplished yogis can do things of that kind, but most of them don’t. They know it’s a distraction. That except in very special circumstances, displays of power are the wrong path. They feed the ego, and strain a body which changes to accept these forces only very slowly.

Which is not to imply that Cheney has been pushing out any miracles. But he’s gotta have something going for him to keep this ride going doesn’t he?

Looks like he’s trying real hard not to pay the piper.

2 thoughts on “UNLIMITED POOOOWWWEERRRR!!!!! ( sort of… )

  1. “”Now, there is big difference between esoteric work undertaken for the purpose of spiritual illumination, and magick undertaken to feed your ego.””

    Big difference. Hahahah. I know. I’ve done them both!

  2. oh my goodness….I never did anything THAT evil. Eeeuuu yuk. I don’t like that I even commented on here. See, because I love children. And animals and bugs and creation. I don’t like to put myself in the same context as the well, what you said after what I commented on. EUH

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