Previously I asserted that human beings have free will, and that we can use that free will to harmonise with the direction of the universe( call it god, or the tao, or eros, or the singularity or whathaveyou) or not.

I will qualify that statement with the firm belief that pretty much everybody does the best they can. By that, I mean, people will make their decisions based on the highest good they can implement, and more importantly recognise.

please don’t think I’m veering into wishy washy green-meme thinking here. ( to borrow another wilber-ism by way of claire graves and don beck. more on them later. ) It may be that there are people out there who think the highest good is to force your will on others, regardless of the pain it causes. Some people are so inured to pain and suffering it no longer factors into their decisions at all.

So the difficulty seems to be not that people delibrately choose to thwart or oppose the current of human initiation, but rather that there are some really really different ideas of what the way forward for human beings is. I think most of us for instance would take as a given an idea of the ‘common good’, that what benefits all is good for me. Some people do not subscribe to this. It can be as simple as a ‘pie syndrome’ or as complex as an ideological loathing for the weak and the helpless, a profound wish to enslave, debase, or simply dispose of others as an expression of one’s freedom to exert power.

Sound suprising or unlikely? Sound a bit extreme?

21. We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit: let them die in their misery. For they feel not. Compassion is the vice of kings: stamp down the wretched & the weak: this is the law of the strong: this is our law and the joy of the world.

Now I certainly don’t mean to take liberties with Uncle Al. I’m a big fan of Crowley and his work, and I respect his genius right to the end. But it cannot be argued that there are some who are prepared to take passages of his work like the one above extremely litteraly, and that these folks are not just scabbly little goths drinking absynthe in their basement cause all the razor blades are too rusty to cut themselves with and they’re too scared to go outside to buy more…

sorry. bit of a rant. lol.

No. There are plenty of well connected, well funded, extremely intelligent folks who simply take it as an article of faith that crushing the weak is where it’s at.
One need look no farther than the multiple accounts of ritual abuse that pull in threads of an occultic nature. While my personal feeling is that these individuals are taking a seriously dead-end path to spiritual illumination, I cannot argue that they think they’re onto something. They think they’re down with the almighty, WORD UP.

Now personally, I preffer not to call it anything. I’ve come to the conclusion that the infinite is exactly that, and trying to box it with a set of attributes is a waste of time. When I’m feeling whimsical I might call it the force, or god, or the void. Kether, Yahweh, Allah…on and on….

But our friends out there systematically exploiting, torturing and murdering people have names for their god.

The esoteric masons worship a three headed diety they call JAH-BAH-LON

The rich frat boys who do mock child sacrifice at bohemian grove party down before an idol of a phonecian diety called Moloch

There are even those out there who like to hang with the old school bringer of light himself, Lucifer… hell, they even started a global think tank named after him. These days they call it the Lucis Trust, thanks very much.

In the case of the far edge of Crowley fans, we of course have to give big ups to the Lord of Force and Fire, the Crowned and Conquering Child, Horus. Also known in his warlike aspect as Ra-Hoor-Khuit.

I have the same conflict in this situation as the more moderate and thoughtful followers of christianity have when they see Ol’ George dropping a fuckload of cruise missles on the poor and the weak in the name of Jesus. Horus means a hell of a lot different to me than the guy who gets his kicks sodomising runaways with a hot branding iron and then erasing the memories with electroshock. I guess you’ll have to take my word for it, but there you are.

It all goes to show how confused we can get when we start playing with images. Those images can mean anything to anyone. Old Charlie Manson saw a huge connection between the book of revelation and the white album for example.

Suffice to say that people choose the gods, choose the aspects of those gods, that reinforce the things they see as the highest goods, the highest gratifications they will acknowledge.

So you might say we all worship god, we all serve him as we best understand it. If some of us are a bit divergent in our thinking, well, I guess we’re shit outta luck, because God seems to be leaving us to sort it out amongst ourselves.


One thought on “Dog Spelled Backwards

  1. yeah. i like crowley too, there are some real jewels* in his work, but the problem lies in crowley´s fans, they normally read crowley and nothing else..

    *(the critique of reason in the book of the law)

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