I’m going to entertain a fairly radical notion here, and quite frankly I think it’s important to set the tone properly. If you aint ready to roll with it, best clear outta this ‘hood.

As rational, thinking human beings, products of the enlightnenment, and media literate postmoderns that we are, we have a common response to the idea that there might really be Monsters out there. there aren’t any. just fucked up people.

and I don’t mean ‘monsters’ in the sense of moral outrage, or some liberal notion of ‘monstrous behavior’ sourced in our distaste for the horror show imagery we get fed day in and day out in the media. In one sense the media ramps up blind fear to the point of social paralysis, ballooning the commonplace into the catastrophic and the imaginary into the immanent, but in another sense, it trivialises things, it frames the depths of human experience in a way that makes them into soundbites and punchlines. It makes the darkness in human beings trivial, and pathetic, and by extension it makes the light in us trivial and slightly pathetic as well.

was that sort of rambling and incoherent? sorry. I’ve alot on my mind, and I know I’ll have to backtrack and clear some of this up later.

Anyway. What I’m getting at here, is that if we trivialise the evil in the world, in some sense we trivialise ourselves, and our highest aspirations. To honour ourselves, and our history, and to fully understand our world as it exists today, we have to honour the monster. We must show him respect, and give him his due. We must recognise the archfiend for his carefully laid plans, for his treachery and murder, for the dark desires that feed a lust for power that knows no bounds. We must thank him for the opportunity he gives us. Without him we have nothing.

So I’m asking you to consider that perhaps the villians of our piece are not all sick, pitifull wretches, not all abused children with grudges against the world, not all chemically imbalanced arrested adolescents. as we are not the least or lowest of our experiences, neither are they.

There is ample evidence of operatic villiany of the highest order. Mind control slavery, ritual magick, occultic tentacles into every aspect of society. One might even go so far as to say these dragons and demons conspire with predators from beyond the stars to feed on the weak and helpless.

But who can say such things for sure? the victims perhaps? or reams upon reams of carefull research and journalism? or a documentary record gong back to Noah’s ark? If you are not swayed by these things, then you will only be swayed when the monster is at your door, like so many have had to have happen to them. I would respectfully offer you a different path than blind faith that all will be well, and the beuraucrats who seemingly run things will help life limp along much as it always has.

I submit to you that before you can grasp the hero within, you must be willing to see the need for one.

You must be willing to see the monster. Because the greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was to convince the world he didn’t exist.

and just like that….

he’s gone.



2 thoughts on “Bring On the Bad Guys

  1. A lot of times I read someone or listen to someone who writes or talks like they *know* what they are talking about, and if I do not agree with them there will be DIRE consequences. I am so sick of this. Everyone seems to think that *not only* do they know what’s going on, but that if others don’t follow what they say, those others will (a) have intolerable suffering (b) become evil or (c) both.
    People on opposite sides of an issue say these things. I am tired of having people say that I will descend into an unethical morass of pain if I don’t live my life exactly like they think I ought to — think, act and even feel how they believe I should. Fuck that. I’m tired of people saying, “But if you don’t dedicate to Buddhism and really concentrate hard on meditating, you will be stuck in samsara and spend your life making everybody miserable.” I’m sick of people saying “If you don’t allow free trade and corporate globalization, the poor people will starve.” I’m sick of other people saying “The poor people will starve if you do allow free trade.” I’m sick of people saying “You’re selfish for valuing individuality” and for saying “You’re a statist authoritarian with ‘priestly morality’ for valuing altruism.” I’m sick of people telling me “One or the other, you can’t just balance things like individualism and altruism.” I’m sick of Brad Warner and I’m sick of the Ohio Working Group on Latin America and I’m sick of “Support Our Troops” bumper stickers and I’m sick of CrimethInc and John Zerzan and I even feel like beating up Thich Nhat Hanh.
    I’m sick of the guilt for everthing that I do. I’m sick of like I should be strong, and I’m sick of feeling like I should be weak. I’m sick of feeling like I should be masculine and I’m sick of feeling like I should be feminine. I’m sick of the feeling of “Don’t Be That Guy” extending to every “guy” I could possibly be.

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