It’d take me a tremendous amount of time to explicate my current direction if I were to work from first principles, slightly less time if I were to take the consensus understanding as my point of departure, and considerably less if I simply direct readers to my secondary source material. Chances are anyone who comes here frequents some of the journals in my sidebar anyway.

My goal here is not to convince anyone, or explicate some understanding foreign to the common mind. I’m here to paint a picture. It’s a challenging one, a disturbing one, and if I’m skillfull in the painting, perhaps a hopefull and grand one, and in that I shall strive earnestly to make it so.

and so because I’d rather get to the meat of it for myself, and because I’m a lazy cuss, here’s a strong recommendation, and shout out to the lads on the side:

First and perhaps scariest, my thanks to Matt Savinar, host to Life After the Oil Crash. Much of my work these days stems from the understanding he brought to me, making the vaguest of intuitions much too clear to bear sometimes. I do not think any person who takes the time to look at this evidence, and consider it carefully, will come away unchanged. Our society is on borrowed time, and Matt poses a deep question of where it might all end. My humble work here is an attempt at an answer. My thanks Matt, and may we all sleep better than we do now.

Onward to Steven Lagavulin and his blog, Deconsumption. Steven has gone a long way to clarify and deepen our collective understanding of the emerging crisis, and puts invaluable emphasis on the spiritual crisis that now threatens to erupt into all the worlds of human experience. I cannot recommend him highly enough and consider it an indespensible counterpoint to what I will undertake here. Of particular interest is his concern with traditional understandings of the cycle of human existance, and it’s more modern interpreters. Thank you Stephen. Clarity is treasure beyond price.

To fill in the picture look no further than Jeff Wells at Rigorous Intuition. His extensive archive of many topics are heavily sourced, and well thought out, giving a sense of how things got this way, and how bad they have truly become. Without the Darkness the Light means nothing, and I hope Jeff will remember that in his trips into our collective underworld. My thanks for the impetus to light a candle.

Lastly and perhaps most important for what I do here, is Tim Boucher, Occult Investigator. While I don’t consider much of his writings especially neccisary reading for the topics to be adressed here, the premise that underlies his work is absolutely critical. Tim has made a decision to craft his life in a particular way, to call forth the hero within himself, and write the story of his life with wit and humour, and hope. My highest respect to a fellow superhero. His lesson is one we would all do well to learn in the days ahead. To place his example in the context of the other three will bring you to our starting place.

Step out for a smoke, and please, a moment of silence before the curtain rolls back…


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