It’s all about context. This is why the fugue takes time to get going. The beauty really comes in the reiterations and interweaving of disparate threads.

I’m looking into formulating a business plan today. My vision to establish a consultancy based business wherby i may be paid to come up with the kind of lunacy and social proselytising for the benefit of executives and free agent entreprenuers that i do for free for an audience of little.

It’s an interesting application of the magickal formula : Fake It Till You Make It. Or perhaps in the words of nazi propogandists: people believe lies provided they’re big enough.

Which is not to say I do not have the goods in the case. It is more a question of projecting a certain image of professionalism and expertise that might not be founded in past history.

This would make a satisfactory launching pad for my larger creative visions, not to mention being great fun besides. It has to beat picking up needles for minimum wage. The cognitive dissonance is getting to me. The trick is to finesse my way past certain self image deficiencies that have been holding me back. These invisible attractors of consciousness that pull me away from my full potential, symbolic shackles in the deep grammar of the mind.

As I paraphrased from gotama before: whatsoever you hold in your mind, that is what you become.

It’s only a matter of time. Nothing will stop me.

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