Lets add a few more things to the pot.

I belong to a japanese organisation call the bujinkan. It is the commercial shell for 9 schools of traditional japanese budo, the oldest of which is 1100 years old. It’s sorta like belonging to a club where 90% of the people are clueless ninja wanna be geeks, 9% are quality martial artists, and 1% are mindblowing warrior shamanistic types, who are all very dangerous and slightly insane.

Obviously I love that. My difficulty is that most of the guys I train with are either too raw to understand the depths of possibility, or too crude to care about them, even if they did. The mindset of the artist manifests in all corners of life. It’s hard to be an artist in one corner, when you’re a blunt instrument in the rest.

I really get tired of people who can’t connect the dots, regardless of the time in training. This isn’t hooked on phonics, it’s the fucking school of the divine warriors ( one translation of bujin-kan ) man! Get with the program says I.

Obviously i’m venting. I’m deprived of stimulation lately. You should be gratefull I’m trying to be entertaining, despite my buddhist detachment.


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