The job is bearable but boring. If it weren’t for the bludgeoning I promised myself, I might have gotten sucked back into that lifestyle agian. thank heavens I’ve got more respect for myself.

I had some thoughts about social stratification and value memes, ecological systems vis-a-vis street dealers and bikes, etc, but I wanted to talk about renaissance.

A local opinion has it that we  contain the elements neccisary for a new social renaissance. whatever the hell that means. I suppose he might be visualising a romantic return to social optimism, a resurgence of progressive liberal thinking, and application of aesthetic criteria to the substance of day to day life. maybe i’m projecting my own ideas on this guy. I suppose he might have just been looking to wear blousey pants and feathered caps, but who knows?

In any event, another opinion chimed in to the effect that he has seen movements founded on social optimism and forward thinking many times, such as the rave movement, and he has watched as the big payday and bad drugs brought it all crashing down. Greed undermines the good in men, and all that.

My answer to that is simply this: why not make affluence a part of the agenda? Why shouldn’t progressive social thinkers and buisnessmen make a buck? why should we think that poverty makes you somehow a better person? And besides, the renaissance was founded on mercantilism. After the black plague, and the church was no longer a trustworthy investment for life and answers, people were more willing to spend money on new ideas.

Lets get rich, drop ecstacy, dance till you die.

yeah I’m taking the piss. I’m tired.

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