I really don’t get mad that often anymore. I used to exist in a state of smoldering rage most of the time, so I’m doing pretty good I think.

I feel like I’ve internalised the values of tolerance, patience, and understanding. I feel bad when I do get angry. I feel sorrow for my lack of compassion for others.

That said, I wanted to choke somebody to death today. This is really a rare occurance. If I wasn’t kind of stressed and irritable this week in general, I might have just rolled it off.

I really have a hard time dealing with dull, lazy and slow witted people. I’m not talking about people who are genuinely slow, or handicapped, or just plain unintelliegent. It’s the ones who are just totally unwilling to put in some kind of effort towards comprehension. The ones you have to explain simple things to a hundred times, or who cannot be bothered to notice the obvious.

I was in the library this morning, at the periodical desk, and this guy walks up. About my age, fairly intelligent looking, well dressed.

and he says to the lady at the desk: ” where are all your good magazines? ”

there are like 6 rows of mags in alphebetical order. granted, some of the better ones are missing, but there are still plenty of trendy and interesting reading materials there.

quite legitamately, the librarian asks: ” can you give me an example?”

now up until this point, I almost thought this was a joke. I almost thought it was funny. You know, a prank of something, hah ha.

But no. This guy pauses and stammers for a few seconds, says ‘uh’ and ‘like’ and ‘you know’ a few times. and then comes back finally with the magazine ‘Details’, which I’d seen but never read.

The startilingly compassionate librarian proceeds to take this guys hand like a six year old at mcdonalds who cannot decide what kind of happy meal he wants and tries to show him some ‘good’ magazines.

I knew enough about myself that I was much better off just getting out of earshot of this nonsense, and ended up reading an article about the true face of jesus. Good grief, how many times do we need to ‘discover’ that jesus was in fact a swarthy middle eastern man?

I had to move a couple times to avoid the ongoing lunacy of this guys quest for quality reading. I think he finally settled down with a copy of the wall street journal or something.

On my way out, I paused to read the copy of Details they had on hand. On a cursory browse, what popped out at me were they numerous refferences to ‘fags’ and the slick andro-eroticism of the photgraphs, and a ribald indulgence in drug and alchohol culture.

quality reading indeed.

I submit this as a slice of life, to prove that I do not spend all my time contemplating quantum mechanics and dialectical metaphysics

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