The first line in the dhammapadda says to the effect that, whatsoever you hold in your mind the most, that is what you will become.

Since I was a small child, before I could read even, I wanted to be a superhero. I still do.

What would the buddha say about that? About how I am inspired by the examples of batman and superman, the way a muslim would exalt the prophet, or one might experience the love of christ. I am very serious about this. Which is to say, I’m not just pulling your leg here, not that I can’t laugh at the slightly absurd side of the whole situation.

What can I say? I always wanted to have superpowers and beat up the bad guys. That conception changes through your life, the same way all your conceptions do, if you’re actually maturing, and not arrested in childish fantasy. At the core of this religion is a pure selfless devotion to the commmon good, laced with a sometimes problematic vein of power fantasy and spectacle.

It’s complex topic, made even more so when you factor in some of the results of this religious devotion of mine. I mean, what happens when you really do have superpowers? But that comes later…


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