I had an epiphany. You know. Epiphany. You could call it revelation even.

I’m a writer of sorts, writing the ubiquitious semi-autobiographical novel. The problem was, none of the stories I was trying to write were anywhere near as complex and interesting as my real life, and the things I’ve dealt with and continue dealing with on an everyday basis. So here it is.

It’s a tapestry, of sorts, past and future, many strands side by side.

Magic, shamanism, art and romance, martial arts, criminal activity, madness, drugs and god.

Not one, but TWO esoteric orders over a thousand years old. Messianic prophecy, delusions, superheroes.

I’m not joking. Not one single bit.

you’ll see. my gold and my sewage.

this is the alchemy of my braindamage


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